A Rock Farm is a type of farm employed by ponies to encourage gem growth before harvesting them.


Before the WarEdit

Rock farms existed in Equestria long before  the war started. Pinkie Pie herself grew up on one of these farms, rock farming being a family trade as both her father, mother and two sisters worked the farm alongside her. Gems produced on rock farms were mostly valued for trade and for their aesthetic qualities, being used in jewellery and clothing.

During the WarEdit

Gemstones became even more important as the Great War began. Most zebra technology was based on talisman technology which was made from gemstones which acted as storage for magic energy (though gems were a scarce natural resource in Zebra lands.) Once the Equestrian forces began to reverse-engineer their weapons and produce their own versions of energy weapons, gemstones became an important war resource. Weaponry, armor, and general arcano-tech developed during that time often made heavy use of gems.

It can be assumed that Rock Farms needed to become more efficient to keep up with demand. To this end, production lines were created to speed the process.

One facility was The Shattered Hoof Correctional Facility, where rocks were broken down and harvested. While some unicorns can locate gems through magic, the brute-force method of simply bashing every rock indiscriminately had proven itself as a suitable task for "treatment" by the Ministry of Morale.

Mechanics of Rock FarmingEdit

Not much is known about the mechanics of Rock Farming, other than moving rocks from one side of a field to another and then later cracking the rocks open with a pickaxe to harvest the gemstones within.

Known Rock FarmsEdit

Pie Family Rock FarmEdit

The Rock Farm which Pinkie Pie grew up on. The farm survived the war as a ruin and was later populated by a small family of ponies. The parents were later killed, presumably by Raiders leaving only Memory and her younger sister Silver Bell  as the sole survivors. Memory left one night to find help but never returned, leaving Silver Belle behind, Silver partially transformed the Pie Farm into a Pinkie Pie museum.

Shattered Hoof Correctional FacilityEdit

A wartime facility employed by the Ministry of Morale as a detention center and used as a work camp, employing its residents to farm the rocks and then shatter them so the gems inside could be collected.

In Other StoriesEdit

Murky Number SevenEdit

Murky Number Seven was once a slave on a Rock Farm run by a ghoul slaver.

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