Robronco was a Pre-War business that specialized in the market of robotics. They created numerous robot models including the Protectaponies and multi-limbed hovering robots. They probably had a hand in creating or mass producing the Sprite-Bots that continue to patrol the Equestrian Wasteland.

Littlepip encounters numerous robots throughout her journey, these include Protectaponies that had organic brains built into them. Robronco sold Robots all across Equestria and provided robots for the robot maintained Stable 24. Numerous robots have some form of energy weapon built into them.

Project HorizonsEdit

In Project Horizons the company is owned and run by Mr Horse. He was involved in the projects run by the O.I.A and worked under Goldenblood. Robronco robots can be found throughout Hoofington, including an old academy were the robots were still working away. Ol' Hank was a sentient maintenance bot built by Robronco, he was overwritten when he heard Goldenbloods name and tried to kill Blackjack.

Robronco's CEO Horse also worked with Star Metal for a side-project, done as a favour to Goldenblood. They were also getting ready to make a line of Robots for commercial use, besides the Ultra Sentinels, like The Sweetie Bot. Horse also designed the self-replicating Mechasprite, which was sabotaged during it's display in front of the Ministry Mares.

Broken SteelEdit

In Broken Steel, Robronco's CEO Mr.Horse was aware of Krogoth's construction. Applejack was known to have spoken with him on numerous occasions and likely employed Robronco's expertise on robotics to make Krogoth a reality.

New PegasEdit

Project Horizons' version of Robronco is expanded upon, naming its ubiquitous CEO fully as Mr. Edwin Robert Horse and featuring him as indisputed lord and master of the titular city.  Although he has never been seen by anypony in centuries except via a computer monitor, his appearance and voice are identical to the legendary Robronco founder, and he identifies himself as such.  It is not known if this is the original Horse, a clone hiding behind a screen, or simply a computer simulation of some sort.

Known Robot ModelsEdit

Sprite-bots - A Joint project by MoM, MoS & MoT. They were likley produced and built by Robronco for the ministries.

Protectapony - Moved on treads, used an organic brain as a processor. Fired magical laser weaponry.

Sentinel - A powerful security robot, often armed with at least three powerful weapons. 

Ultra-Sentinel - Super defense robots, with prismatic cannons that fired rainbow coloured beams of deadly magic energy. Were seen in the Canterlot Hub of the Ministry of Awesome. Project Chimera Labs (Project Horizons) also had one defending it.

Project Horizons RobotsEdit

Mechasprites (Project Horizons) - Worked similarly to regular Parasprites, but could be programmed to create items from the consumed material. Deactivated once outside the magical field powering them.

Ol' Hank - Maintenance Bot (Project Horizons) - Hank & other maintenance bots, were programmed to clean and maintain the Project Chimera labs. They might also be responsible for repairing the damage done by Blackjack with Trottenheimers Folly.

Sweetie-Bot (Project Horizons) - A servant robot created by Horse in the image of Sweetie-Belle. Showed a fairly intelligent A.I. that was able to recieve messages and serve platters of food.

Broken Steel RobotsEdit

Krogoth (Broken Steel) - A massive war machine, built by the Ministry of Wartime Technology, with input from Robronco, Ministry of Arcane Science and Stable-Tec.

Pink Eyes RobotsEdit

Recreational Pinkbot Mark II Prototype (Pink Eyes) - A party robot, designed with the likeness of Pinkie Pie. It's eyes flashed blue whenever it spoke and it had a permenant smile on it's face. The Robot may have been made by Solaris.Inc, given their pension to create malfunctioning and dangerous products.

New Pegas Robots Edit

Victory-class Integrated Computrons - Big, blue, boxy, and balanced on one wheel, the VICs use clawlike appendages to grip and television screens built into their chests to communicate. They are known to take their orders directly from Edwin Robert Horse, but also have limited autonomous function to carry out mundane everyday tasks. VIC-20 is one example of this class.

Protectrons - Robronco's all-in-one security and protocol model, ponderous but dependable, with a pony-like conformation including synthetic nylon hair-plugs for mane and tail. A blue resin faceplate protects the configuration and memory access. Slimm-Two-None is one example of this class.

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