River Bed is one of the major settlements used in the Falout: Equestia side fic Fallout: Equestria - Ballad of a Crystal Pony. It is located in Applewood.

Description Edit

A series of tents and ramshackle structures made of concrete debris arranged on both sides of the Applewood River. Wood and concert stretches over the river proper and the river is used as the outhouse. The entire settlement smells rancid due to the polluted river and the dirty residents.

Stressed there is a bathhouse called Lotus & Aloe’s Bathhouse and spa controlled by the tribe. It is used to clean the guide hired by travelers so they smell less.

Notable Residents Edit

Excrement (or Ement-Excray in Scum Speech): the leader of the Slummy Scums and father of Slimeball

Slimeball (or Imeballslay in Scum Speech): the daughter of the leader of the Slummy Scums and a guide for hire. She joined up with Clash Coat and friends under contract.

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