Sex Stallion
Faction/Role Raiders
Status Alive
Red is a raider operating outside Timber



Red was originally a trader who traded in Timber and with the Raider gang outside the settlement. When the NCA arrived they arrested him for trading with Raiders. He managed to escape along with other traders and joined up with the raider gang remnants they traded with. 

Present DayEdit

Red and his raiders frequently raid the NCA controlled Timber, reaping what they see as poetic justice on the ones who forced them to become Raiders. Red wanted to ransom Hired Gun back to the NCA and prevented Snake from raping her, as she was worth more unharmed. He answered a few of Hired's questions, including why he became a raider. During the NCA's attack, Red is kille, his body discovered by Hired.



Red is a red coated stallion. He does not have a mane.


He speaks and acts like an intelligent raider and was leading the Raiders outside Timber. He seems to still have some of his merchantile saavy, especially with how he planned to earn lots of caps by selling her back to the NCA. 

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