Recurrence is a Canterlot Ghoul settlement in the Audio Files Series, most prominent in Brittleshine's Quest Audio Files.

Leaders(s) Brittleshine (Mayor), Sundae (Mayor's Secretary, Temporary Mayor)
Notable Members Binary Bit (Tech Expert)
Appearances Fallout: Equestria - Audio Files Series

Description Edit

Made from the combined ruins of Canterlot and Zebratown in the spot where Canterlot fell after the Enclave blew it off the side of the mountain. It is populated by the surviving Canterlot Ghouls of Stable City, founded and lead by Brittleshine due to her previous political talents.

Traits Edit

Culture Edit

Functions very similar to how stables function. Each member of the town has a job to do. The leaders are appointed rather than elected, but still hold the pre-war title of mayor.

Technology Edit

They have all, though mostly destroyed, technology of all the ministry hubs and Stable 1. They also have an abundance of nectromanticly tainted broadcasters.

Notable Members Edit

Brittleshine Edit

Formally went by Shoeshine. She is the founder and mayor of the settlement.

Sundae Edit

Brittleshine's secretary and temporary mayor while Brittle is gone.

Binary Bit Edit

Head pipbuck technician and technology expert.

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