Rattler's destroyed remains at the hooves of the Wraithwing
~ DAfavicon SpyroConspiritor

Rattler is a unique machine gun, acquired by Mach the day he enlisted in the military and has been used by him throughout his career and during his journey in the Wasteland.


Weapon HistoryEdit

The IF-89 Sidewinder Light Machine Gun was developed before the Great War and commonly used as a Squad Automatic Weapon throughout its duration. Developed by the earth pony weapons development company Ironshod Firearms, the machine gun was intended to be fired from an emplaced position upon a bipod, though it could also be mounted upon a battle saddle for use on the move.

Belt fed, the IF-89 uses 100-round disintegrating belts of 5.56 caliber ammunition, and can also accept armor piercing variants of the same caliber. A reliable weapon, it was well known and favored for its longevity and its ability to fire for sustained periods of time without overheating or misfiring.


Mach received the weapon on his eighteenth birthday as a gift from his father, General Immelmann, for enlisting in the Enclave military. Immelmann had thoughtfully acquired the lightest machine gun he could find in order to avoid hindering Mach while in flight. Immelmann acquired the weapon by using his rank to confiscate the gun from a scavenging team.

Ungrateful of his father's thoughtfulness, Mach argued with Immelmann over the weapon's smaller caliber when compared to its sister weapon, the IF-90 Pit Viper Heavy Machine Gun. Over time however, Mach grew to love the weapon, and gave it a unique nickname: Rattler, after the weapon's distinctive report. He lost the first Rattler due to taking it with him on a mission, which was against Enclave regulations. Immelmann acquired another one for him when he reached the rank of major, having confiscated it from a new recruit, Frosty Winds.

Mach carried the second Rattler during numerous missions and kept the rifle when he defected from the Enclave. Rattler has helped Mach on numerous occasions and been like a long time companion to him. Rattler was irreparably damaged by the Wraithwing, Mach managed to salvage some unique built-in talismans and the rattlesnake decal as a memento.


Rattler is a fairly common looking machine gun, it's only distinguishing feature being a decal of a rattlesnake's rattle painted onto the receiver by Mach. While it was designed for earth ponies and as such has a mouth grip, Rattler is usually mounted on the right side of Mach's battle saddle, and is fed from a custom-designed loader that automatically feeds belts of ammunition into the weapon when it runs dry.

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