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Rarity's Grace & Murky Number Seven Statuette.
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Rarity's Grace is a unique pistol, that was specially made for Rarity's use.


During the WarEdit

Rarity's Grace was a unique pistol that was commissioned by Applejack, specifically for Rarity. The pistol was supposed to be for self defense, though Rarity found the idea of using a gun, repulsive. The weapon mostly languished in a drawer within Rarity's office in the Ministry of Image-hub in Fillydelphia.

Present DayEdit

The pistol was discovered by Murky Number Seven whilst listening to a recording and searching through Rarity's desk. He took the pistol and tried to defend himself with it, against a small swarm of Fillydelphia Bloatsprites. The pistol proved surprisingly powerful, but carried a small amount of ammunition. The pistol was given to Protégé by Murky and was kept in the Slaver armory in the Mall.

Rarity's Grace makes a reappearance as Murky and Blunderbuck try to find Murky a suitable weapon that he can use during the Raider riot lead by Barb. Murky has Blunderbuck equip it in a battle-saddle for him and uses the weapon on a few occasions, managing to cripple a few Raiders and bruise a heavily armoured one. The weapon was confiscated by Barb and his Raiders when they captured Murky and his companions, and then taken by the slavers, after Barb and his Raider rebellion has been stopped.

More InfoEdit


Rarity's Grace is a tiny and slim pistol with a white ceramic finish and a single blue gem near the weapon's very short barrel. The mouth grip was made of polished silver, the weapon can only load three rounds at a time, primarily being a defence and last resort weapon.

The real world equivalent of Rarity's Grace may be a Derringer pistol, which were often small and elegantly designed weapons, which also held a small number of bullets and were thought to be used by ladies for self defence as they could be easily hidden up sleeves or carried in bags or purses.

Firing PowerEdit

The weapon has a surprising amount of firepower for its small size, possibly due to the gem built into it. The gun makes a unique report when fired, described as sounding quiet and soft, almost elegant, but not silent like a silenced weapon as it gets slightly louder after it fires.

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