The Rainbow OracleEdit

The Rainbow Oracle is a Balefire Bomb that is targeted at Sunnyvale. The reason for this being is if the Enclave happen to be losing the fight, it is detonated to wipe out any Steel Ranger soldiers inside of the city of Sunnyvale, and its radius is estimated at around two miles wide. It has twice the amount of radiation than any other Megaspell ever used, and should only be used in emergencies. It was originally created by a small anonymous group of Zebras in Pre-War times exactly 203 years before the events of The Last Wanderer.


The Rainbow Oracle was detonated by Tornado after Mist had peer pressured them into doing so. The events were devastating, and there were no survivors. Once it has been detonated, any nearby wanderers will see a bright, multicolored blast before a loud bang is heard. The aftermath of it is multicolored fumes leaking from the ruins of the target that had been attacked.

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