~ DAfavicon Cazra

A radhog is a form of mutated wildlife found throughout the Equestrian Wasteland. Radhogs are descendants of pigs that were exposed to radiation and over-time became radhogs.

Unlike their pre-war counterparts, radhogs are highly aggressive creatures that will attack Ponies on sight. Before the war, pigs were common place on Earth Pony farms. The Ponies running the farm would take care of them, though if the Pigs were ever sold for their meat to more predatory creatures like Dragons is unknown. It may be that pigs were kept for finding truffles.

Radhogs have large front teeth which can deliver a nasty bite. They are hunted for food in the Equestrian wasteland, even though Ponies are naturally herbivores. The meat of Radhogs i.e, bacon is considered delicous by wastelanders.

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