When a bullet just won’t cut it, unleash the fury of a sun!
– Pulsar Advanced Weapon Systems
Company Motto
Pulsar Advanced Weapon Systems was a small pre-war company that had an office in Buckston.


The company was working to develop new energy weapons, though unlike laser, plasma or other conventional energy weapons, they were developing Pulse Technology. They were passionate about the technology, going so far as to name their company, Pulsar technology.

They developed a series of combat and support drones and their weaponry was awaiting approval for mass production when the bombs fell. They operated out of a hard to find building in Buckston, between various other buildings where it remained unnoticed for 200 years, until a group of Pegasi mercenaries found it and gave the location to Obsididan Equestria's, Talon company's leader, Razorbeak.

Mach and Razorbeak find the facility with some difficulty and discover research notes on Pulse techniology, as well as downloading the weapon schematics so they can be used to make more Pulse rifles. The duo also find and destroy a series of combat drones inside the building. The research lab was levelled by Razorbeak to prevent the Pulse technology research from being taken by less than savoury, outside factions.

Known Technologies/ProductsEdit

Pulse Rifles/PistolsEdit

These weapons were awaiting approval for mass production. The only known prototype, Celestia's Grace, a pulse pistol, was claimed by Mach.

Combat DronesEdit

A series of combat drones were also designed by the Pulsar Advanced Weapons Systems, research teams, including...

YDX0 Gun Drone – Prototype model. Equipped with dual plasma rifles and is intended to provide fire support to officers and their squads. Five manufactured.

DX1 Gun Drone – Base model. Pushed through from prototype stage, will be outfitted with the recently developed pulse technology. Awaiting mass production approval from Princess Luna.

DX2 Shield Drone – Base model variant. Built upon the DX1’s chassis, the weapons systems have been removed and replaced with a small shield generator. This drone is intended to help officers and their squads take and hold positions on the battlefield, offering additional defensive support. One manufactured.

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