Project Steelpony was a top-secret Office of Interministry Affairs program using resources from the MWT and MOP with the intention of binding a pony directly to a set of power armor.


The practice began as a relief project intended to replace the lost limbs and essential organs of a wounded soldier that would otherwise have resulted in death. It wasn't long until Steelpony was seen as a viable tactic in enhancing regular soldiers into nigh indestructable walking death machines. As the war grew to a peak, only a few subjects were created that can be labelled a "success".

The data behind the Project has proven very useful however, as less invasive augmentations have proven to be less damaging to the subjects psyche. Additionally, the internal healing talismans can be adapted for use by non-cybernetic ponies. Additionally, the Thunderhead Enclave has been able to successfully adapt the Project for Pegasi, granting subjects advantages over traditional power armor. Combined with the fabrication labs of Shadowbolt tower, this allows Enclave intelligence to quickly build a large and lethal force.


  • Most notably of the Project Horizons universe is the Reaper known as "Deus", his former identity revealed to be Doof who was submitted into Steelpony following his arrest and discharge from Big Macintosh's Marauders for raping Twist. Essentially a "nobody" he was an expendable test subject as a result, and after undergoing the surgery he emerged as "Deus". Deus survived the war and after joining the Reapers, he quickly made it to the top of the ranking.
  • Silver Stripe
  • Blackjack
  • The Brood of Coyotl


  • Enhanced endurance, the mechanical replacements eliminate the stress a regular pony's biology would undergo.
  • Enhanced strength, being mechanically driven by pistons, the force of a kick has been amplified beyond normal measure.
  • Independance from sustinence, organs such as the stomach and digestive tract have been replaced with generators which allow for alternative (and necessary) forms of energy such as the consumption of magically enhanced gemstones.
  • Offensive Frame: A cyberpony has the capacity for a built in Battle-Saddle, with auto-firing and auto-loading devices. The particular armnament of said Battle-Saddle is identical to the regular pony-mounted versions which allow for everything from machine guns, to Deus's twin Autocannon's and Steel Rain's twin 120 mm naval guns.
  • Numerous variants of have been noted, including the early Deus model which acted more as a prototype, the recon limb model used by Silver Stripe and later Blackjack, a modified pegasus model and a specialized "Eclipse" model.
Dues fog of war

The now Cybernetic Doof now Deus, emerging on the battlefield
~ DAfavicon MisterMech

Deus in action

Image of Deus in Action, during the war.
~ DAfavicon MisterMech

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