Project Partypooper was a post-war contingency operation designed to prevent a potential coup of Equestria. It was a clandestine O.I.A. takeover of the Ministries wherein select trusted O.I.A.officials were placed in significant government positions within each Ministry. Afterwards, each Ministry Mare, with the sole exception of Fluttershy, would be publicly executed. 

On the Last Day, however, Garnet used Project Partypooper as a means to convince Psalm to kill each Ministry Mare, as well as several other targets, in the name of Princess Luna

After several successful assassinations, she embarked to execute Pinkie Pie, but hesitated until Manehatten was incinerated by balefire. Psalm proceeded to carry on the mission and kill Twilight Sparkle, but instead met the Goddess and was immolated into Unity as Lacunae

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