Project Eternity was joint project between the O.I.A and Rarity and one of the named Projects that were undertaken in Hoofington.


Project Eternity was not run by a pre-approved researcher like the other projects and was instead operated by Rarity personally. Project Eternity's goal was to create a suit of invincible armour that would protect the pony wearing it from dying in any way. The project operated out of Hightower Prison and was run by Rarity who used knowledge gleaned from the Black Book to create Soul Jars. Various Soul Jars were created, many of which were everyday items including a screwdriver and a roll of silk. Eight suits of armour were created with each one containing fatal flaws. They would protect a pony one way but would fail to protect in another, resulting in the death of the wearer.

Hightower's residents were mainly used as test subjects as well as a Zebra stealth specialist/soldier, but there were a few volunteers. The soul jars created also exhibited signs of peculiar powers and abilities and could be very lethal. Ten suits of armour displayed the ability to move on their own and were missing when Blackjack and her group discovered their storage space and one was actively assisting them.

Rarity would eventually move the focus of the project and its researchers to trying to put a piece of a soul into an object, rather than an entire soul. Which would eventually allow Rarity to create the the Ministry Mare Statuettes. .


The Project sealed the souls of numerous individuals into items, effectively making the soul donors trapped and immortal. Overall the project failed to achieve its goal of making invincible armour that could defend against any kind of threat.

Soul Jars CreatedEdit

  • Cowpony Hat
  • Four Boots
  • Hoofball
  • Silk - Contains the soul of a volunteer, Petunia a donkey.
  • Red Scarf
  • Scissors
  • Screwdriver
  • Teddy Bear
  • Music Box
  • Umbrella
  • Octavia's Contrabass - Contains only a piece of a soul, rather than the whole soul.
  • Phoenix Talisman - A regenerating Talisman that contains numerous souls. Currently resides inside Rampage.
Ten Suits of ArmourEdit
  1. Light Recon Armour/Zebra infiltration Suit - Now worn by Xanthe
  2. Gray combat armour
  3. Lacy Purple gown with a veil
  4. Tuxedo
  5. Steel Ranger Power Armour - Allowed itself to be worn by a feral flaming ghoul. Likely buried under the rubble of Hightower Prison.

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