"There has to be some way to extend a ponies life beyond normal limits, i just have to figure out how!"


Project Enduring Life was a project started by Doctor Windfall and Doctor BlueSkies after their child died after not being able to be treated in time at a unnamed hospital, They took it upon themselves to create a way to suspend life for a few days untill treatment was availible. The test was obviously succesful, as the Statis pod are used in the Fluttershy medical clinic in Hoofington. The project gained notice from almost every Minitry Mare.

Main PurposeEdit

Project Enduring Life was in essence a experiment. They tested how long one could go inside a Stasis Pod. It eventually led to amnesia in adults who stayed inside for more than 30 days. While the amnesia was seen as a side-effect, it was later hypothesized by the OIA and the MoP that this could, in essence, remove trauma such as PTSD and WSD. The results were never seen, just 20 days after Patient 72 and 71 were put under for a 100 day test, megaspells rained throughout the skies. The testing facility, being remote and above the sky, was eventually taken over by the Enclave, who are currently unaware of Project Enduring Life. However, this project seems to be more than just a experiment.

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