Precious looks like Who?
Race Unicorn
Sex Female
Faction/Role Overmare's daughter.

Princess - Formerly

Family Mother, Overmare of Stable 81.



Precious is the daughter of Stable 81's Overmare. While having an estranged relationship with her mother, for yet unknown reasons, she still is able to exert her own special status over the majority of the Stable's population. She see's the rest of the Stable's population as commoners with meaningless, bland lives while she is a Princess to which the whole world must obey! She hardly ever travels to the lower levels of Stable 81 unless it is unavoidable. Preferring to occupy herself with her vast collection of dresses collected over the last few hundred years by her and her ancestors from the Stable's deceased inhabitants. She is closest to Brute Force and Bulletproof, her bodyguards, who unknown to her shows a parental affection she lacks from her own mother.

The one pony she shows a special kind of hatred for is the leader of the Tunnel Stallions, Pompadour. Primarily she dislikes him for his rudeness and disrespect of her status and authority as well as his commoner status.

Modern DayEdit

Pompadour returns the feelings but after Precious calls him out on his efforts to overthrow the Overmare he foalnaps her. Taking her and his Tunnel Stallions to the Stable's entrance where he orders the entrance opened while being attacked by the Overmare and the Security ponies.

Precious flees the Stable after the entrance of the Mother of All Boglurks.

Equipment & AbilitiesEdit

Living in the lap of luxury within Stable 81 Precious has not cultivated any common or useful skills that would make her time in the Equestrian Wasteland any easier. Her knowledge of the functions of her own PipBuck is likewise limited.

The only notable skill she is at, besides her control over the pitch of her voice when angry, is being able to use a levitation spell to 'punish' her servants with random objects. While not very strong she is able to exert a large amount of force.


-Rad-icalness: Your radical attitude or exposure to Balrefire Radiation has caused you to build up a +25% Radiation Resistance. Level Up.

-Ravaging Loyalty: When your HP drops below 50% Dogmeat's overall damage increases. Companion.

-League of Your Own: +5 Melee Weapons and better use of telekinesis in melee. Level Up.

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