The Praetorian Guard are the secretive, quiet protectors of the Caesar's family and of their home, the Forum. As of the war, and before, they were acting as heavy police of the city and as elite soldiers in addition to their role as mere honor guards of the emperor.


The Praetorian Guard served in Roam during the war as bodyguards to the emperor, and occasionally as heavy infantry. After the apocalypse, they took on a role extremely similar (almost unchanged) to their previous one.

When Goldwreath first encounters them, they meet him with drawn swords. They assume he is an enemy of Roam, as they were not aware that a non-Legion unit was entering the Forum. When Goldwreath's identity and purpose is cleared up, the guards disband and return to their posts. The praetorian praefect does nothing to accommodate them; that task fell to the praetorian tribune, a much friendlier zebra. Now that Goldwreath and co. are at the Forum, the praetorians act as watchful silent guardians, with the tribune and a few other guards being the only to interact with Goldwreath and his companions.

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Armament, Tactics, and OrganizationEdit

The Praetorian Guard are all uniformly equipped with the ceremonial muscle-cuirass and accompanying combat equipment. The post-war guard, however, have added a disturbing addition to their uniform: metal masks, meant to hide their ghoulified faces. It is unknown if the Praetorian Guard have more than just their ceremonial gear, but seeing as the real praetorians did, it only makes sense their zebra counterpart would, as well.

The Forum itself is their weapon, literally -- the place is armed with 'lightning columns', pillars that look like regular marble but are in fact voice-and-phrase activated tesla coils that shoot lightning at the guards' highly conductive gladii.

Organization-wise, the praetorians are commanded by a praefect. He is the commander of the guard, and followed by the tribunes. In reality, the praetorian guard had several tribunes, but only one has been shown so far. After the tribune have been shown the milites and immunes of the guard -- regular troopers and specialists, respectively.

Outside relationsEdit

The Praetorian Guard, as a secretive, isolationist faction, has only one outside relation: the Legion. Their relationship with them can be described as 'functional, but not friendly' -- true indeed, as the praetorian praefect has only allowed the guards to work with the Legion on the chance that together they can rebuild Roam.

Notable MembersEdit

  • The praefect, Velian.
  • The tribune, Justinian.

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