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Growing up in a raider camp they gained much combat experience at a young age, but due to the 'right of passage' rule, the two sisters would eventually have to fight to the death for the leadership role of 'Head Raider'. Deciding to take things into their own hooves, they killed their current Head Raider and co-lead their camp together to form The Syndicate.

Present-Day Edit

Pounder and Rampant are introduced in the story as one of the major antagonist Quickcase faces. The two lead a raider gang called the Poppers, the most organized outlaw faction in the west.

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Pounder is a red earth pony mare with a pink spiked mane and tail. She wears modified power armor that she stole from an Enclave pegasus as a trophy in hoof to hoof combat, along with a battered robe.

Rampant is a light yellow unicorn with a pink mane and tail who is also blind in one eye. She wears Silver Knight power armor.

Personality Edit

Pounder is very brutal when it comes to fights and will often use cheap tactics to win. She is best known for calling pegasi 'chickens'

Due to their mothers' drug addiction and consumption of irradiated food during said mother's pregnancy, Rampant suffers from occasional episodes of psychosis. When this happens she lashes out at anything she sees. Her sister being the only pony that can calm her down. Rampant is best known for having her way with stallions.