Wow, Grissy, you do clean up well.
Posey, introduced in the Prologue: When a Stable Sets Sail, is an earth pony mare that is Gristle's personal assistant.

Posey is a "mane" character in the Fallout: Equestria side story Fallout: Equestria - Adrift. Thought she doesn't level up or gain perks.

Full Name Posey
Race earthpony
Sex mare
Faction/Role Stable 30 Overstallion's assistant
Status Alive

History Edit

Past Edit

She was the previous Overmare's assistant. After Gundhoof was pushed down the stairs and became more of a recluse Posey brought her all her meals.

Present Edit

When Gristle is chosen as the next Overstallion she becomes his personal assistant. During Gristle's induction as Overstallion she is saved from falling backwards into the wall by Gristle's magic when the stable abruptly slants back as it dislodges from the underwater cliff.

Character Edit

Personality Edit

She is a confident and organized mare, but gets flustered easily.

Traits Edit

Overmare/stallion's Assistant Edit

You are the Overmare/stallion's right hoof pony.  You can carry his/her authority if need be.  +2 Charisma and unique dialogue options with members of your stable.  This trait works well with if a member of your party has the Overmare/stallion trait. Like Overmare/stallion, this trait is useless outside your stable and you loose all effects of you leave.

Positively Pink Edit

You have a very vibrant pink on pink on pink color pallet.  This gives off an aura of comfort and kindness to everypony you interact with.  Speech checks require 10 points less for you.  Your bright color scheme unfortunately is not an advantage in battle.  Enemies are 25% more likely to hit you and you also get -5 to sneak unless you are wearing full body armor.

Relationships Edit

Gristle Edit

Posey has known Gristle since she was a foal. When he was appointed Overstallion after Gundhoof passed away, Posey became Gristle's personal assistant.

Gundhoof Edit

Posey was Gundhoof's personal assistant until Gundhoof died.

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