Ponyville Hospital is the starting location, and primary pre-war and war location, for the story Unscrewed Audio Files.

Ponyville Hospital
Leaders(s) The Board, Vial
Notable Members Doctor Who (Formally), Dr. Cortex (deceased Audio Log #019), Bedside Manner (Formally, deceased Audio Log #008), Redheart (Formally), Vial
Appearances Unscrewed Audio Files

Description Edit

A somewhat shoddily constructed prewar building. It got heavily damaged in earthquakes following the megaspells and likely won't stay standing much longer.

History Edit

Before the War Edit

It was a state of the art medical care facility built in a time of peace. As the war drew nearer care standards began to drop.

During the War Edit

It maintained its use as a public hospital continued though the early parts of the war. Following the Littlehorn massacre and the formation of the Ministries, the Ministry of Peace cut funding since the Hospital didn't meet care standards. To save face they cover up any scandal that would further loose them money.

At some point they went bankrupt and agreed to a deal with Green-Med Pharmaceuticals. This deal kept only the Psychiatric ward open for the purposes of testing new psychotic drugs for an MoP contract. It is a bit shady especially because the patients aren't allowed to meet with family and their corporate proxy Vial views the patients as property and not ponies.

After the War Edit

It is unknown why it ended up near a megaspell blast causing ti to be flooded with lethal doses of magical radiation, killing or ghoulifying anypony still in the building. It was severely damaged in the resulting earthquakes following the megaspells blast and likely won't stay standing for long.

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