You've got Pon!
– Pon Advertising Poster
Pon! and its variants are a consumable that appears in the fanfiction Fallout Equestria: Lost Cove.

History Edit

During the War Edit

Pon! was developed on Mount Pleasant Island, but never quite reached the popularity in the rest of Equestria as Sparkle-Cola or any of its other competition. It however is quite common on the island itself and can be found in various locations including the Pon! factory.

After the War Edit

When the fog started to encroach on Mount Pleasant Island, the Pon! factory was abandoned by the owners. The factory was eventually taken over by Raiders in the Sharktooth Gang.

Varieties Edit

Pon! Edit

The basic drink produced by the company, described as having a bitter taste.

Pon Princess' Blend Edit

A drink that is made using the guts of creatures from around the island.

Pon Rejuvenate Edit

Another variety of Pon! that Bright Feather found in the factory.

Notes Edit

  • Pon! is based on Vim! from the Fallout 4 DLC Far Harbor.
  • Pon Princess Blend: Vim Captain's Blend
  • Pon Rejuvenate: Vim Refresh

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