The Plasma Cannon is a heavy, magical energy weapon, created during the war. 


During the WarEdit

The Plasma Cannon is a powerful, magical energy weapon, developed by Equestria during the war. The weapon is powerful compared to conventional firearms or other heavy weapons like miniguns. 

After the WarEdit

A Plasma Cannon was recovered by Calamity in Shattered Hoof Ridge and used to rescue Littlepip from Mister Topaz . The Plasma cannon was one of the few weapons powerful enough to harm Topaz, his scaly hide was resistant to other weaponry. The Plasma Cannon was later set up outside Junction R-7 by Calamity to defend the group's new home in the Wasteland.

SteelHooves was impressed with the plasma cannon, defence setup when he arrived at Junction R-7 after he joined Littlepip's group.

More InformationEdit


The Plasma Cannon is a tri-barrelled, heavy weapon that requires a battle saddle to use and carry it. The weapon fires off green burst of flaming, magical plasma.


The plasma cannon is easily more deadly than regular weapons and can damage the hard scales of a dragon.

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