Philomena's Touch is a unique power hoof, gifted to Frosty Winds by Cabbage Stew of the Happy Hills, Steel Ranger contingent. 


After Frosty Winds acquired Philomena's Touch, she noted that it was too large to fit on her own hoof. She had it resized at Sleazy McCheapkins store. She learns from Sleazy, that her powerhoof might have been the personal weapon of a royal guard. She gets to try out the powerhoof during an attack on Happy Hills by a large slaver force.

Appearance Edit

It is notably well used, being slightly scratched and dented. The weapon's name is written with golden leaf embellishments. It was initially too big for Frosty to use, but she had it resized by Sleazy McCheapkins.


Philomena's Touch can cause both melee and fire damage.


  • Named after Princess's Celestia's phoenix, Philomena
  • Can cause fire damage and messy critical kills
  • Was possibly the personal weapon of a royal guard

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