A Unicorn with a bubblegum colored coat and blonde mane and tail. Her cutie mark is a heart. Philia is a the adopted daughter of Claymari the Sword Mare.

The word philia is one of the four Greek words for love. Philia means “Mental love” other members of her actual family all appears to be named after Greek words for love.


Mother Storge died giving birth. The newborn Philia was adopted by Claymari and she attempted to raise for awhile. At some point Philia was brought to the Unicorn Kingdoms for education in medical training. There she most likely met her father Eros.

In the end Philia chooses to stay by Claymari’s side and starts traveling with her again.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Philia focuses on the mental magic or mind control magic these include.

·        Possessing or controlling the weak minded

·        Telepathy

Philia can also enchant pieces of cloth turning them into healing bandages.

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