Persuasion is a unique grenade Launcher in Project Horizons. It is P-21's primary weapon, given to him by Blackjack.



Persuasion & P-21 Statuette.
~ DAfavicon Burnout42

The weapon is designed to be used by Earth Ponies. P-21 notes how natural it feels when using it, and can't explain how he manages many of the complicated trajectories that he manages to do whilst using the weapon.

Persuasion launches a grenade through the air, and is far more accurate than just throwing a grenade, it also delivers a longer range of fire. The weapon was discovered in Miramare Air Station and given to P-21 by Blackjack since he refused to wield a gun, she gave him a gun that fires explosives which are his speciality.

The weapon once belonged to Doof, before his arrest and conversion into the cyborg Deus. It was found in Miramare airbase in Doof's old locker. The weapon's grip has Doof + Twist carved into it and surrounded by a heart. The weapon's name, Persuasion, is also painted on the grip.


  • Designed for Earth Pony use.
  • Once Belonged to Doof/Deus
  • The password for the locker containing Persuasion was Momma
  • Based off the weapon from Fallout: New Vegas

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