Westwood runs a processor in his pipbuck that allows him to enhance his abilities as he survives in the wastelands

Perks come in three main groups: Speech, Combat and Survival.

Initial TraitsEdit

Prior Service- You retain all of your stats from before your awakening in the Equestrian wasteland, unfortunately this also keeps you from being able to increase any statistics from level ups. All S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats cannot be leveled up except for the use of armors. This also includes reading from books you have more than likely already memorized by this point.

Draconian Commander- Has access to a small set of unique spells with a species innate ability to manipulate a magic shadow. Due to your body type you are limited to a very small amount of weapons and armor.

Perks at currentEdit

1: Berseker- Combat Perk

You are sent into an uncontrollable rage under the conditions of extreme stress or inject yourself with a damage increasing substance such as Rage or Stampede. Can be countered by injecting yourself with stabilizing substances such as steady. This rage will last by default of one minute is not injected with sedation substances. 

2: Dense Body- Survival Perk

You are astoundingly strong for a creature of your size. Like an ant you have the capability to lift and move objects many times your size and weight. You have demonstrated this in your display with Stable 44 and its deactivated door

3: Commando- Combat Perk

Your expertise with two handed firearms is beyond recognition, you do have over fifty years combat experience. Hit chance in S.A.T.S is increased by fifteen percent and overall accuracy with all two handed firearms is increased.

4: Run and Gun-Combat Perk

When moving you receive an added accuracy boost. Helpful when dodging and speeding about with  your draconian movement spells.

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