These are the perks that Ruby Starlight gains during her journey in Fallout Equestria: Wasteland Jewel.

List by Chapter Edit

  1. Follower of the Apocalypse Rank 1: You have a skill with medicine that few in the Wasteland can match. Healing Potions and Bandages restore an extra 20% health.
  2. Fast Learner Rank 1: You're a fast learner who has adapted well to the Wasteland. You get an extra 5% XP with every enemy killed.
  3. I Prefer Mares: You have quite the way with the ladies. You get a 5% attack boost when attacking female enemies. This perk unlocks special conversation options for female characters.
  4. Wasteland Detective: You've proven yourself as an effective detective to the ponies of the wasteland. You get an extra 5 points to Speech and Charisma.
  5. Puppetpony: You've learned how to use hoof to hoof combat skills to your advantage in a fight. Melee based attacks do an extra 10% damage.
  6. Covert Operative: You're skilled in infiltration and subversion, a handy tool against your enemies. Charisma gets an extra point, and Sneaking gets an extra 5 points.
  7. Liberator: You've gained a reputation in the Wasteland as a liberator of slaves and friend to the downtrodden. You get an increased chance of passing a speech check with certain Ponies.
  8. Temporal Investigator: Your encounter with the Doctor has left you with a better knowledge of temporal mechanics. You get an extra point in Perception.
  9. Spirit of old Applaloosa: You embody the very spirit of Equestria's wild past. You do extra damage when using non-automatic pistols.
  10. Prospector Level 1: You've gained a better understanding of where things can be found in the wasteland. Every time you find a caps stash, you get an extra 5% caps.
  11. Mare of Steel: You've become quite skilled at surviving the worst the Wasteland can throw at you. You take 10% less damage in combat.
  12. Grenadier: You've become skilled with the use of grenades, try not to blow up yourself while you're at it. You do +10 damage when using grenades or grenade launchers.
  13. Follower of the Apocalypse Rank 2: You've proven yourself a capable medical Pony and earned the respect of the Followers. When using a healing spell, heal an extra 10% health.
  14. Brave New World: You've entered a brave new world that you are not familiar with. You gain an extra point in speech and perception.

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