This is the list of perks that Longwalk and friends acquires during his journey.

Longwalks PerksEdit

Chapter Perk Type Level Name Description
Chapter 1 Level Perk Level 2 Hunter. In combat, you do 75% more critical damage against animals and mutated animals.
Chapter 1 Quest Perk Level 2 ARM Bound Stage 1 You’ve begun the bonding process to an ARM. At this stage the connection is weak, allowing familiar use with the weapon equivalent to a +5 to the relevant weapon skill while using the ARM.
Chapter 2 Level Perk Level 3 Travel Light While wearing light or no armor you run 10% faster.
Chapter 3 Level Perk Level 4 Heave Ho! You sure got a talent for tossing! Thrown weapons gain 50% velocity and range.
Chapter 4 Level Perk Level 5 Intense Training (Endurance): You’re recent experiences have done wonders for your stamina. Too bad you didn’t take this earlier, could’ve used the extra HP.
Chapter 5 Level Perk Level 6 Ferocious Loyalty. Something about you inspires your companions to incredible feats of loyalty when you find yourself in dire straits. When your health drops below 50% all your companions gain plus 50% damage resistance.
Chapter 5 Companion Perk Level 6 Soothing Song. As long as Arcaidia is in your party all gain the ‘Well-Rested’ condition even if you have not been able to sleep in a bed you own.
Chapter 6 Level Perk

Level 7

Strong Back. You've gotten plenty of practice lately at carrying heavy loads. You gain +50 to your Carry Weight limit. You try not to think too hard about why you got all that practice...
Chapter 7 Level Perk Level 8 Toughness. Seems that getting horribly injured on a regular basis has had the side affect of toughening up your hide, that or you're just getting used to pain. Ain't that a cheery thought? Either way, you got +3 to DT.
Chapter 8 Level Perk Level 9 Stonewall. Since you seem to have volunteered to be the Wasteland’s favorite punching bag you’ve learned to stand up to the punishment. You gain +5 DT versus unarmed and melee attacks and can no longer be knocked down in close combat. Again, would’ve been handy a little while ago, why do you keep picking these perks after the fact?
Chapter 8 Quest Perk Level 9 ARM Bound Stage 2 You’re connection with your ARM has strengthened. The ARM now reduces target DT by 10, and you can access the Level 1 Force Ability.
Chapter 8 Level 9 Level 1 Force Ability. Accelerator: When your Force Gauge reaches 25% you can activate ‘Accelerator’ which quadruples your speed and reaction times by over clocking your biological processes. You may keep Accelerator active for as long as you like, however, for every second you keep Accelerator active you suffer 10HP damage when Accelerator is deactivated. There is no built in safeguard, so be watchful of overuse of this ability.
Chapter 9 Level Perk Level 10 Snicker’ Snack. You’re getting disturbingly good at attacking an opponent’s extremities. You do 10% more damage whenever striking a part of a foe that isn’t their center of mass.
Chapter 9 Companion Perk  Level 10 Set Scanners for Fun. As long as LIL-E is in your party you use her Perception in place of your own for detecting creatures in the vicinity, with a hefty bonus to range due to her awesome suite of scanning devices. 
Chapter 10 Level Perk Level 11 Pacifist Crush. You’re desire to avoid killing has led you to develop greater skill in non-lethal force. Any time you target the head or similarly vital point you can choose to deal half damage in exchange for having a chance to knock your opponent unconscious (the chance of success depends on your target’s Endurance stat). Note this does not work on robots or creatures that lack a discernible anatomy.
Chapter 11 Level Perk Level 12 Dead Throw. You may not like it, but when it comes to thrown weapons, you’re becoming a real killer. All thrown weapons deal 50% more damage on a critical hit.
Chapter 13 Level Perk

Lavel 13

Can’t Lead From Behind. You have a rather reckless brand of leadership, but you make it work; mainly because your companions fight all the harder to keep your reckless flank from getting shot off. As long as you’re in the lead, all allies that have line of sight to you gain +10% to hit and +2 DT.

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