Lemon Frisk's perksEdit

These are the perks that Lemon Frisk acquires over the course of The Daily Unlife.

Initially, Lemon Frisk's level is never mentioned explicitly, and the level-ups are mostly just used as an excuse to give an extra comment on the events of the day in the form of a perk. In Day Five, this is turned into an additional joke, with the Footnote section remarking "Which level are you anyway? I guess you lost track, in those two hundred years.".

To keep it simple, he is assumed to start at level 1, with the end of the introduction chapter raising that level to 2. The Day Nine chapter footnote makes this official, stating "Let's just get this nonsense over with and restart from when you left the Stable, okay? That's right. Two centuries of scavenging plus one week out there equals level 10. Deal with it."

Note that in Day Six, Lemon Frisk's level does not rise, since the chapter contains mostly exposition, but he does get a "special perk" for braving the Equestrian Space Agency room in Stable 69.

Day Level Name Description
0 2 Brain Knot Rotted or not, something strange must be going on in that brain of yours. When faced with unexpected situations, you may act in even more unexpected ways. This perk gives you more dialogue options in hostile negotiation situations.
1 3 Sticking Together When teaming up with another Stable pony, your inventories count as one, allowing you access to the storage space and use of the other pony’s items until you part ways. If that ever happens, don’t try to take all her valuable equipment - she knows you’re ticklish.
2 4 Boring Guy Somehow, you just don’t seem to meet any of those dangers the Wastelands are so famous for. You have a -15% chance on random encounters. Less stuff out to kill you obviously also means less corpses to loot, though.
3 5 Laying Them To Rest Your karma increases when you properly bury dead bodies, no matter if they are recently deceased, ghouls, or original war victims.
4 6 Wasteland Detective It was never your true calling, but you're quite adept at it anyway. You get a +2 bonus on both Perception and Intelligence whenever mysterious situations are involved. Some remnants of the past will always remain mysteries, though.
5 7 Foal at Heart Wait, you don't scare the crap out of little children? How the hell did that happen?
6 7 Agoraphobia You don't generally have a problem with open spaces, but that was just one dimension too many. Luckily, the next time this makes you freeze up will probably be whenever you're falling to your death anyway.
7 8 Hoof-To-Hoof Combat (level 1) Long-forgotten fighting practice remembered once more, you no longer need to bite the heads off any hostiles you meet. Just bashing their heads in works fine, and is slightly less prone to creeping the hell out of your travelling companions.
8 9 Knots Untied It took you a week, or, arguably, about two centuries, but it seems you're finally ready to let go of the past and start anew. You are less prone to zoning out for random flashbacks in the middle of the day, which is probably a good thing, out there in the Wastes.
9 10 Sticking Together (level 2) You're truly accepted as one of the residents of Stable 69 now! Any Stable pony companions' skill sets are at your disposal when needed. And, apparently Misty can hack terminals. Yay!
10 11 Sticking Together (level 3) Well, it seems you're taking this "sticking together" deal rather seriously. Misty Cloud is now an inseparable part of your group, and as long as you remember to consult her, she'll give you a stat boost in whatever area you might need help with.
11 12 Pony-Cyborg Relations (level 1) You appear to know how to deal with artificial intelligences. I'd be careful about taking too many levels in this, though; you could end up like Nimblegait.
12 13 Wasteland Detective (level 2) Long-forgotten mysteries don't stay forgotten much longer when you are around. Of course, simply remembering things might be considered cheating.
13 14 Tempered By Fire You are now more resistant to fire damage. And thank Celestia for that; radiation or no radiation, ghoul skin isn't exactly known for its regenerative ability.
14 15 Respect my Authoritah Your old-world rank and reputation seem universally accepted despite being two centuries old. You also have Ruby-level access to any Solaris Inc. resource as long as you have TGIF-1 around. It's probably not a good idea to ever use that, though.
15 16 Pony-Cyborg Relations (level 2) Yup. You're stuck with him. Sorry about that, folks.

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