These are the Perks that have been earned by the main character, Lucky Day in Sweet Nothings.

Lucky Day's perksEdit

Chapter Level Perk Type Name Description
1 2 Level up

Horse Sense

You are naturally adept at learning new things. You earn an additional 10% to all experience points gained.
1 Companion (Starry Night) Situational Awareness While Starry Night is in your party you gain +1 Perception and your E.F.S. can identify targets at a longer range.
2 3 Level up Stable Mantra Can’t we all just get along? You get a +10 bonus to your Speech skill whenever you’re attempting to talk somepony out of a fight.
2 Companion (Trailblazer) Learning the Hard Way With the benefit of Trailblazer's age and experience, you have a better sense for when to expect somepony to shoot you in the back. While Trailblazer is in your party you get +2 on your sequence, allowing you to act sooner in combat
3 4 Level up Thought You'd Be Taller Ponies hear stories about stable dwellers, and they've come to have certain expectations of you because of them. Your starting reputation with factions will be improved, but because you're being held to a higher standard, any time you would gain reputation, you only gain half as much, and any time you would lose reputation, you instead lose twice as much. Tread carefully.
4 5 Level up Disarming Presence You wish that everypony would just stop fighting and calm down. Just for a minute. I mean, if it's not too much trouble. You gain a +10 bonus to Speech checks when attempting to calm disputes between incompatible allies.
4 Quest Warring Isolationist You have sided with the Enclave officer following the massacre at Primrose. Against members of hostile factions, you deal +15% damage and have +25% accuracy in S.A.T.S.. You'll need it.
4 Perk Lost Learning the Hard Way

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