These are the Perks that have been earned by the main character, Inkwell in Rangers of Wintertrot and his companions.

Inkwell's perksEdit

Inkwell has gained the following perks in his journey through Wintertrot.

Chapter Level Name Description
0 - Prologue 1

Survival Expert (Level 1: Junior Survival Expert)

You recognize a dangerous situation when you see one. And your quick wits can get you out of trouble. +2% to all your resistance stats.
2 2 Perk Added: No Pain, No Gain You gain 25% more experience when crippled, and your DT is permanently increased by 2.
4 3 Attention Addict Because of the way you act, you attract a lot of attention. Sometimes this is a good thing, sometimes not so much...
5 4 Bullet Tester You find, and use, exotic bullets more efficiently than the average Wastelander. Increased chances to find exotic bullets by 10%, and increased exotic bullet damage by 15%. Careful with the nasty ones! 
7 4 Intimidating Presence (Item Perk) In some conversations, you gain the ability to initiate combat while terrifying a mob of opponents, sending them fleeing away for safety or attacking you in fear of their lives.
8 5 Lead by Example For every follower you have, you and your party members gain certain bonuses to SPECIAL stats.

Crosshair's Perks Edit

Crosshair and Inkwell's other companions also levels up and gain perks.

Chapter Level Name Description
2 1

Rifle Enthusiast

You are good with rifles, you can zoom in further and have increased accuracy with any rifle, but only when standing on only two hooves.
3 2 Calling Doctor Hooves You know your way around the equine body. With this perk, you are capable of performing emergency medical procedures in less than safe places.
4 3 Vigilant Watcher If something is off or feels suspicious, you’ll probably notice it. +2 Perception whenever an ambush is about to take place.
7 4 Diversionary Tactics You’ve learned a number of tricks and tactics that can slow down your enemies and keep them occupied. Setting fires, collapsing buildings, just remember, each type only works for certain enemies.
8 5 Power Armor Training You can now able to equip and use power armor.

Mustang's PerksEdit

Mustang like Inkwell's other companions also levels up and gain perks.

Chapter Level Name Description
3 1

Bigger Guns

You love big guns, and have the muscle mass to move with them. You can wield large and cumbersome guns with ease, including non-equine heavy weapons.
4 2 More Dakka Get the lead out! With either magical or mechanical means, you manage to fire ballistic weapons 50% faster than they are meant to. (Magical Energy Weapons are not affected by this perk.)
5 3 Robot Equalizer Machines should fear the coming of your hoofsteps. You do an extra 5% damage to higher level robotic enemies and have a 10% higher chance of scoring critical hits, per Combat Level, up to 5 levels. Talk about levelling the playing field!
7 4 Strong Back Your strong back allows you to carry an extra 50 lbs of weight and not even notice. Of course, you will, but that isn't the point. Free weight, amirite?
8 5 Angelic Dialogue During certain conversations, your actions and demeanor become almost irresistible. You inspire others and gain +3 Charisma during these conversations, assuming nothing interrupts you.

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