Blackjack's perksEdit

These are the perks that Blackjack has aquired over the course of Project Horizons.

Chapter Level Name Description
1 2 Rapid Reload All your weapon reloads are 25% faster than normal.
2 3 Telekinetic precision You’ve got a steady horn on your head for when you need to count sand, thread a needle, or keep a pin in a grenade.
3 4 Run and gun Better accuracy with ranged weapons while moving.
3 Quest Minor Mutation: Rad Sight When under the effects of minor radiation poisoning, gain +1 perception in low light conditions. -15 to sneak, speech when not wearing sunglasses, authority glasses, or mirrored sunglasses
4 5 Friend of the Night Your eyes adapt quickly to low-light situations.
5 6 Shotgun Surgeon When using shotguns, regardless of the type of ammunition used, you ignore an additional 10 points of a target’s damage threshold.
6 7 Foal at Heart This perk greatly improves your interactions with children.
7 8 Quick Draw Holstering and drawing weapons is 50% faster
7 Quest The stare (level 1) You can intimidate non-hostile contacts through eye contact.
8 9 Rad resistance You resist 20% of radiation exposure. This makes you 20% cooler!
9 10 Tough hide (level 1) The brutal experiences of the Equestrian Wasteland have toughened you. You gain +3 Damage Threshold for each level of this perk you take.
10 11 Intense Training Your experiences traveling in the Wasteland have allowed you to add one to your intelligence.
10 Quest Telekinetic Bullet spell You may now attack enemies at close range with a bolt of telekinetic energy equivalent to a pistol.
11 12 Tough hide (Level 2) The Brutal experiences of the Equestrian Wasteland have toughened you. You gain +3 Damage Threshold for each level of this perk you take.
12 13 Finesse Your attacks show a lot of finesse...or maybe it’s just dumb luck. Either way, you have a higher chance to score a critical hit.
13 14 Sniper Your chance to hit an opponent’s head in S.A.T.S. is greatly increased.
13 Quest Telekinetic bullet (rank two) Your telekinetic bullet now does damage equivalent to a shotgun slug. You are limited to a number of bullets per day equal to your endurance.
14 15 Chemist Chems you take now last twice as long.
15 16 Hit the Deck You’ve been hit by one too many explosions. Perhaps it’s time to consider a new career? +25 Damage Threshold against explosives.
16 17 Action Mare (rank 1) +15 Action Points
17 18 Action Mare (rank 2) +15 additional AP in S.A.T.S.
18 19 Ghoulfriend 10% more damage to ghoul targets and an opportunity for additional speech options.
19 20 Dealer’s Ante Every time you kill an opponent in S.A.T.S., the spell immediately regenerates 20% AP.
20 21 Ferocious Loyalty When you drop below 50% HP, companions gain DT.
21 22 Light Trot You are agile, lucky and always careful; or maybe you just mastered the art of self levitation. Either way you never set off landmines or floor based traps.
22 23 Intensive Training Your recent experiences in have granted you a +1 to your endurance.
22 Quest The Power of Friendship When fighting alongside your companions, you receive an additional +5 DT and +10% damage inflicted.
23 24 Weapon Handling Either your horn’s gotten tough enough to handle the kick or you’ve broken in that battle saddle. Weapon strength requirements are two less for you.
23 Quest Star touched The stars are watching out for you: others suffer a 10% penalty to crit chance and a 25% penalty to crit damage against you.
24 25 Terrifying presence When you’ve got that shooty look going, you can make lesser enemies run in terror and balk greater opponents.
25 26 Nerves of Steel You now regenerate AP as if you were Rainbow Dash: 20% faster.
25 Quest Magic Penetration Your magic bullet spell ignores 15 DT of armor.
26 27 Forged in the Hoof You’ve sucked up more Enervation than any pony should live through. You suffer 25% less enervation damage, and your healing items decay half as fast while in your possession.
27 28 Made of Stubbornium You just don’t know when to up and die! When reduced to 25% or fewer hit points, you gain +6 DT and regenerate 2hp/sec till above 25% hit points.
27 Quest Magic Bullet (rank 3) The range of your magic bullet spell has increased by a factor of five.
30 29 Eye for Eye For each crippled limb you have, you do an additional 10% damage.
34 30 Adamantium Bone Lacing Your bones are now 50% more resistant to breaking. This perk does not stack with Bone Strengthening Brew.
34 Quest Cyberpony +1 Agil, +10% radiation resistance, +10% poison resistance, +10% damage resistance.
39 Quest Kissed by


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