This is the list of perks that Goldwreath acquires during his journey to save Roam and make it a better place.

Goldwreaths PerksEdit

Book 1Edit

Chapter Perk Type Level Name Description
Chapter 1 Level Perk Level 2 Combat Mechanic Your knowledge of weapons and armor and your experiences as a mechanic have taught you well. You get an additional 5 points to the 'Repair' and 'Small Guns' skills.
Chapter 2 Level Perk Level 3 Solar Powered When it is day, and you are not in dark interiors, you gain +1 to your intelligence and strength SPECIAL points.
Chapter 3 Level Perk Level 4 Praetorian, Level One Nice, you're leadership skills are remarkable.  All followers and friendlies gain fifteen percent more health, as well as deal additional damage, if they are close to you.
Chapter 4 Level Perk Level 5 Immunity, Level One You're immune system is now 20% cooler. You are resistant to natural diseases and toxins, as you take 20% less damage from them. They also don't last as long.
Chapter 5 Level Perk Level 6 Praetorian, Level Two If you can't lead by example, intimidate. Such have the praetorians of old lead their fellows in battle. All allies within your immediate area take 10% less damage, as well as move slightly faster.
Chapter 6 Level Perk Level 7 Thick-Headed Your bones (and especially skull) have been hardened from your experiences in the wasteland. Your limbs take 10% less damage.
Chapter 7 Level Perk Level 8 Zebra Speech, Level One Thanks to your diligence in learning Zebra talk, you have an easier time with all zebra characters. You gain an additional ten points to your speech and barter skills when talking to zebras.
Chapter 8 Level Perk Level 9 Smart Shopper, Level One You know enough to not let yourself be manipulated, though you've still got work to do. You gain an additional five points to your barter skill.
Chapter 9 Level Perk Level 10 Strong Flyer Your wings can carry weights that other pegasi couldn't even hope to bear. You can fly 20% longer, and you can carry ten more points of weight while flying.
Chapter 10 Level Perk Level 11 Unwavering Endurance, Level One Your brutal experiences have taught you that if you can endure, you can survive. You gain an additional point to your 'endurance' attribute, as well as gain an additional 20 points of health.
Chapter 11 Level Perk Level 12 Power of the Mind Your mind, just like your body, has suffered greatly ever since you arrived outside, but it has adapted. Now you gain +1 to all S.P.E.C.I.A.L attributes within two hours of waking up from an eight-hour sleep.
Chapter 12 Level Perk Level 13 Mental Perception, Level One You don't know how, but your mind has found a way to perceive things your other senses cannot. You gain +2 to your perception attribute.
Chapter 13 Level Perk Level 14 Tunnel Trotter You're long time spent underground have made your senses more acute and has tested your endurance. In low-light circumstances, you gain plus +1 perception. You also gain plus +1 endurance.
Chapter 14 Level Perk Level 15 Altered You don't know it, but something is happening within you. Something that you cannot stop. Nevertheless, when your hit points drop below 20%, you regenerate health at a rate of 3hp per second. This lasts until you are at half health. This effect is improved to 5hp per second when certain individuals are nearby.
Chapter 15 Level Perk Level 16 It's My Mind, Level One Tod has tried and failed to completely control and subjugate you. For your efforts, you gain your very first Mental Resistance attribute. You get +1 to your MR attribute.
Chapter 16 Level Perk Level 17 Precise Striking Your precision with your gladius is astounding and is capable of competing with that of a full-fledged Legionnaire. You gain +20 points to your melee weapons skill.
Chapter 17 Level Perk Level 18 Juggernaut Psychologist Predator , if he is nearby, will assist you in conversing with any individuals who require a speech check. If it fails, he will also physically get the point across.
Chapter 18 Level Perk Level 19 Zebra Speech, Level Two You're putting those lessons to use. Thanks to increased understanding of Imperial Zebrican, you have an easier time communicating with all Roaman zebra characters.
Chapter 19 Level Perk Level20 Words Backed by Action You get the point across with more than just words, don't you? With every successful speech attempt, there is a 10% chance that all entities in the area will avoid attacking you unless directly provoked.

Book 2Edit

Chapter Perk Type Level Name Description
Chapter 20 Level Perk Level 21 It's My Mind, Level Two He almost got you there, but he didn't. For your enormous efforts at resisting Tod's corruption, you gain another Mental Resistance point.
Chapter 20 Detrimental perk Level 22 Not In The Right Mind Well, you put a whole new meaning to having a split personality. Other Goldwreath, who manifests all kinds of bad things about you, will attempt to take over you from time to time. When this happens, you get -1 to all SPECIAL attributes, -10 to all skills, and -1 to your MR attribute.
Chapter 20 Follower perk Level 23 Soul Talk Myst knows what to say to get someone to think. When she is with you, she can automatically persuade various characters to act for your benefit.

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