This is a list of Perks, earned by Murky Number Seven.

Murky's PerksEdit

Chapter Level Quest/Level Related Name Description
1 1 Level up

Lucky Break!

Whatever has changed for you, it has been for the better.  Perhaps you have been working on a sixth sense or maybe you found a lucky charm. You gain +1 to your LUCK statistic.
2 2 Level up Low Hoof!  (Rank 1) You have something of a habit to let your attacks go for those somewhat sensitive areas.  In other words, you fight dirty!  Your first unarmed attack of any given engagement has a small chance to stun your opponent immediately!
3 3 Level up Runt of the Litter You were never the largest, subject to a series of beatings and bullying through your life.  You gain a small damage resistance bonus against non-critical unarmed attacks.  Doesn't hurt any less, mind you...
3 3 Quest Shadow Canter (Rank 1) Whether for crime or survival, you have began to show your ability to stick to the shadows whilst objects strangely go missing in your passing from both pockets and homes.  You gain + 10 to sneak and any thefts you make are twice as likely to succeed.
4 4 Level up Luna's Moonlight After some time to get used to the dark surrounding you, things have began to seem much clearer now.  Your eyes now adapt well to low light conditions, who says the night need last forever?
5 5 Level up Sleight of Hoof (Rank 1) Everypony better be careful what they have near you, for even those items they love the most may mysteriously disappear after that hoofshake they gave you!  You may now attempt to steal even while detected!
6 6 Level Up Confidence Boost When you can't go it alone any longer, take strength in those around you to help bring that hidden courage of yours out to shine!  You gain +1 to Charisma.
7 7 Level Up Galloping with Ghosts Drifting from shadow to shadow, you are that thing that leaves those in the light wondering just what they are facing.  Are you even real or not?  Or are you simply all in their imagination?  When aware of your presence, your foes now have a lower chance to detect your true position.
8 8 Level Up Skittish at the Bit It may not be the fabled Pinkie Sense, but if you really concentrate, you have your own ways of identifying where others might be around you, whether through paranoia or a greater sensory ability.  Add +2 to your perception while still and in no immediate danger.
9 9 Level Up Organiser Some ponies stay neat and tidy to keep efficient belongings...others just learn how to cram things in really hard!  One way or the other, it helps you carry those little extra things.  All items with a weight of two or less weigh half as much in your inventory now.
9 9 Quest Path of the Lightbringer Hers is a story to not cross paths again...but the legend of the Stable Dweller and her unceasing determination to save Equestria will inspire ponies for years to come.  Once per encounter, if reduced to less than 10% of your health, you will immediately gain a small health boost to keep you in the fight that little bit longer.
10 10 Level Up Shadow Canter (Rank 2!) Thievery and infiltration are fancier words that you might begin to use to describe your role in life these days.  No longer just a basic beginner, those who want to keep their valuables safe might just begin to sweat a little if you're in the area.  You gain a further +10 to sneak and may move 10% faster while sneaking.
11 11 Level Up  A (Very) Little Dash While wearing light armour or no armour, you run 10% faster.  Such a pity that hoof's still aching...
12 12 Level Up Sleight of Hoof (Rank 2!) Giving and taking, it's all the same to you now.  That little bit of damning evidence or unfortunate item may now mysteriously end up in your enemy's possession without them even realising.  Reverse pickpocketing is now significantly easier to achieve with heavier objects!
13 13 Level Up Mad Gallop Without any concentration for shooting back, you can put more emphasis on just staying hard to target by diving around!  (Now if only you could outrun them too...) While galloping, enemies suffer a penalty to hit you with ranged weaponry outside their own natural perception range.
14 Perk Lost Path of the Lightbringer
15 Perk Lost Confidence Boost
16 Perk Lost Lucky Break
17 All Perks Lost All Perks Lost
18 14 Level Up Pegasi Balance Finally, your life has come full circle to once again bear the wings that made you what you were at birth.  No longer are you as clumsy and off balance without their natural weight and movement to keep you steady on your hooves.  You gain +1 Agility to your statistics.
18 14 Reacquired Low Hoof (Rank 1) Additional unarmed first strike critical damage
18 14 Reacquired Runt of the Litter Resistance vs unarmed non-critical attacks
18 14 Reacquired Shadow Canter (Rank 2) +20 to Sneak, thefts 2x success rate and +10% boost to sneak speed
18 14 Reacquired Luna's Moonlight Night Vision
18 14 Reacquired Sleight of Hoof (Rank 2) May steal while detected and bonus to reverse pickpocket
18 14 Reacquired Galloping with Ghosts Reduced chance to be correctly detected
18 14 Reacquired Skittish at the Bit +2 to Perception when standing still
18 14 Reacquired Organiser All items weight 2 or less are halved in weight
18 14 Reacquired A Very Little Dash +10% boost to speed with light or no armour on
18 14 Reacquired Mad Gallop Less chance to be hit with ranged attacks while galloping
18 14 Upgraded Signature Item 'Lucky Break' becomes 'Signature Item' – While once it may have been a little charm for good fortune, on true realisation it has always been something that matters all along to you.  Something that truly belongs with you.  You regain your +1 to Luck and now also acquire +1 DT whilst bearing your item.
18 14 Upgraded Freedom of Will 'Confidence Boost' becomes 'Freedom of Will' – You took refuge in your friends before, but now you see yourself for the pony you truly are inside!  While their support will always be with can now stand on your own.  You gain +2 Charisma.
18 14 Upgraded Virtue of Hope 'Path of the Lightbringer' becomes 'Virtue of Hope' – You merely followed before...but you have been helped to see that the true strength isn't in those you are inspired by, but rather how it helped you remember the real virtue lying in your heart.  One that had always been there.  You regain the small boost to health when reduced to 10% or lower once per encounter, but now you also receive +1 to all SPECIAL statistics while below 20% maximum health.
19 15 Level Up Foal's First Literacy (Rank 1) It may take some time to catch up with the rest, but slowly all those arcane shapes are starting to make a little bit of sense.  You may be able to recognise a few very simple words or letters from now on.
20 16 Level Up Low Hoof (Rank 2) Just when they thought it couldn't get worse, you're turning a nasty little cheap shot into a skill that you actively turn to and try to be good at with an idea on precisely where to strike hard. Instead of stunning, your chance to critical hit will now paralsye the target for a brief time. Ouch!


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