This is the list of perks that Coin Slot acquires during her journey.

Coin Slot PerksEdit

Chapter Perk Type Level Name Description
Chapter 1 Level Perk Level 2 Magical Matrix Mare Your natural aptitude with magical matrices makes devices that use them pretty easy for you to pick up and use right away, even without prior knowledge of the device. You get +10 to Magical Energy Weapons skill, and can modify their effects, along with the effects of other magical matrices, fairly easily due to your special talent.
Chapter 1 Quest Perk Level 2 Enchanted Weapon "<Error: Cannot read perk data. Analyzing…>"
Chapter 2 Level Perk Level 3 Honor Guard Remembering your childhood heroes has inspired you to be tougher. You gain +3 DT, and when defending others you gain an additional +3.
Chapter 2 Quest Perk Level 3 Stable Ground You are now an official resident of Stable 11. You gain +1 to Charisma and +5 to Speech and Barter, along with a PipBuck!
Chapter 3 Level Perk Level 4 Demomare You have unlocked several new explosives crafting recipes that are unavailable to the average wastelander.
Chapter 3 Quest Perk Level 4 Enchanted Weapon Perk analysis: 85% complete
Chapter 4 Lavel Perk Level 5 Terrifying Presence You sometimes gain speech options that can initiate combat while sending your foes fleeing in utter terror!
Chapter 4 Quest Perk Level 5 Enchanted Weapon Perk analysis: 99% complete
Chapter 5 Level Perk Level 6 Just A Flesh Wound You have sustained a crippled limb for so long that the pain from having your limbs crippled is now something you can withstand far better then you could before. All negative effects from having your limbs crippled are halved.
Chapter 5 Quest Perk Level 6 Enchanted Weapon Perk analysis: 100% complete! You have gained a sentient weapon that will give you advice and watch out for your well being. It’s perception is effectively double that of your own, and it can protect you against a variety of mental assaults, both magical and non-magical. However, you are limited in what you can do by what the weapon in particular is. In this case, you can no longer kill sentient beings, since the enchanted weapon is intended to be a non-lethal weapon.
Chapter 6 Level Perk Level 7 Intense Training Your experiences have raised your Strength stat by 1
Chapter 7 Level Perk Level 8 Always Cut The Red Wire You are able to disable bomb collars, traps, mines and other nasties at the drop of a hat! Disabling harmful traps such as these now takes half the time it normally did.

Chapter 8

Level Perk Level 9 Foal At Heart Turns out you’re better with kids then you thought you were! Probably because your inner self is still a filly… You gain special speech options when dealing with foals.
Chapter 9 Level Perk Level 10 Life Giver You’ve provided new purpose and drive to a desperate mare in the wasteland! For some Celestia-forsaken reason, this gives you +30 HP. No, we don’t know how that works either. Don't spend them all in one place.
Chapter 10 Level Perk Level 11 Fast Metabolism Healing items seem to process faster and more efficiently through your system, making them heal more wounds and poisons faster then ever before!
Chapter 11 Level Perk Level 12 Strong Back All this carrying ponies and robots around has increased your carry capacity by 50 lbs!
Chapter 12 Level Perk Level 13 Neutral Mediation You’re good at seeing both sides of an issue, and can get points across to multiple parties, no matter their affiliation. So long as you keep a neutral karma level, you gain a +30 bonus to speech checks.
Chapter 12 Quest Perk Level 13 Soul Shackles Mezzer does not want to die. Should you find yourself at the brink of death, Mezzer will grab hold of your ascending soul and force it into a memory of your childhood, putting you in stasis for an amount of time equal to your endurance score in hours. Hopefully your body can receive medical attention within that time, otherwise your soul will break the shackles and move on, in which case Mezzer will die as well.

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