Hired Gun's perksEdit

These are the perks that Hired Gun has acquired over the course of Heroes.

Chapter Level Name Description
1 Implant Intelligence Implant Intl +1
1 2 Dash Speed Reload All your weapons reload 20% faster.
1 Quest Legless Strength +1 DT +1 Unarmed + 10.
3 4 Intense Training Level Up Perception by 1.
5 6 Element Of Loyalty When you drop below 50% HP, companions gain DT.
7 Companion Perk (Serenity) Silent Goings With Serenity in your party you have the option of removing all sound once a day for a five minute period.
7 8 Acrophobia You have a fear of heights (probably due to some traumatic incident in your past). You're not a wimp but you suffer -1 endurance and -15 DT when over 70 feet in the air, but gains +1 Endurance and +15 when on the ground. The sweet, sweet ground.
9 10 MOA Agent Gain additional 35% accuracy with battle-saddle weapons.
10 Quest Dancing With The Devil You’ve traveled to hell and back, and are no worse for wear, gaining +15 health and +5 rad resistance. On the other hoof, the memory of your journey still haunts you, and sometimes you are sure the winds whisper in your ear...
11 12 Intense Training Level 2 Actually paying attention to your surroundings and companions has finally paid off. +1 to Perception.
12 Quest Hard Hearted You know what you have to do, even when it's something you don't want to do. You've learned to push everything down, lock it away, and focus. Your focus is incredible... at the expense of your situational awareness. +20% to accuracy, but an extra 20% damage taken from sneak attacks.
14 Perk Remembered Cherchez La Filly It seems in your drunken fit last night you accidentally bucked down your closet door! No, you can't change your perk now, and it doesn't matter because everypony already knows! Yes, it was just that obvious, so you might as well admit it to yourself because you get +10% damage to the same sex and unique dialogue options with certain ponies! ... No. You can't get rid of the perk.  Stop asking.
15 Violent Vigilante You are a force of justice and do not take kindly to corruption or violence in the city you’ve claimed as your own. Against sleazy Dise gangs and disorganized criminals you do +15% damage and have a bonus to hit in SATS. Not that you use SATS...
15 Quest Perk: Sidekick! Sometimes, just when your enemies think they have the upper hand, The Batmare appears in a flash to save the day! However, this perk is only active in and around Dise, and keeping this perk active means you must occasionally drop everything you are doing and go fight in the name of Justice!
17 Adaptive Eye Programming 1 Your practice with your new eye has paid off, increasing the range of its EFS, and improving its threat-level indicators. In addition, you’ve noticed your eye has the ability to see the awareness levels of ponies in the vicinity for enhanced sneaking!
19 Intense Training Level 3 Through hard work and extensive body modification you almost have an average intelligence! INT +1.
21 Adaptive Eye Programming II Your practice with your new eye has paid off, increasing the range of its EFS, and improving its threat-detection in low-light environments. In addition, you’ve noticed your eye now has a night-vision function that turns on automatically after you’ve been in the dark for a second or two! 
23 Terrifying Presence

You have been using this perk since you left Marefort, so it was about time you got it officially. With it you can scare the shit out of just about anypony, and get them to bend to your will.

24 Quest Perk Freedom in Failure Without enough support in the city of Dise, Batmare and her organization have fallen to the Forces of Chaos. You get +10 speech for the purpose of dealing with Dise gangs, and +1 PER when trying to avoid trouble in the dangerous back alleys of Dise. This perk is incompatible with Sorrow in Success or Confusion in Compromise.
25 Monster Hunter Hunting down giant creatures takes a certain type of pony. You gain +10% against all mutated wildlife, and 24% poison resistance. As if you weren’t completely immune already.

Companion Perk (Serenity)

Emergency Mechanics  Serenity now has a +30 chance to complete mechanics checks, and an extra +15 when the check has to do with cybernetics.
27  Rad Resistance Your natural resistance to radiation and its effects is now 25% better than a normal pony of your same health and size. If such a pony existed.

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