Whirling FeatherEdit

LevelUp Perks:Edit

Acquired in Chapter Level Name Slogan Description
1 2


This was close!

Standing on a higher ground, you get the opportunity to charge at an enemy on lower ground. After dealing a medium amount of damage, your next attack will deal 20% bonus damage, but you also will find yourself at melee range.

3 3

Peer Pressure

You may not be the most impressive pegasus, but with a little backup you still can be quite persuasive.

Your barter skill is increased by 10 points whenever you are accompanied by two or more companions.

4 4

Adrenaline Rush


You gain +1 to your Strength and Agility whenever your health drops below 25%

5 5


It looks kinda cute... ' 

Your Speech skill increases by 10 if no weapon (firearm, energy or melee weapon) is equipped.

6 6


Considering you're coming from above the clouds, you've already gained precious insights into the local wasteland fauna.

Your attacks against mutated insects (including RADsorpions and Bloatsprites) run a chance of 20% do deal additional 50% damage. Critical hits affected by this perk deal the same amount of bonus damage.

7 7 Plasma Captain This! Is! Plasma!

Any damage you inflict with a magical energy weapon during a critical sneak attack is doubled. Those sneak attacks gain a chance of 15% to cause critical damage.

8 8 Savior of the Surface I do as I am told, because I am a good pony.

You have been given the important task to spread... whatever Scootaloo meant across the Equestrian Wasteland. Nopony can stop you on your Holy Mission. Your Damage Threshold (DT) increases by 3 even if you're not wearing armor.

8 8 Reflex Booster Two down, three hundred to go.

Due to the cybernetic implants of the PegasusBuck 20 your Agility increases by 1.

9 9 Crusader No rest for the wicked.

Thanks to your growing dislike for raiders and ponies acting like them, any damage inflicted by you against those ponies is increased by 10%. Outside of combat, you'll sometimes have access to unique dialogue options when dealing with those factions. But why would you do that?

Quest/Story Perks:Edit

Acquired in Chapter Level Name Slogan Description
8 8


And Celestia said: Let there be light. And the light scorched all evil.

A tap on an enemy's head activates the internal Moonstone-powered combat systems of the Salvation, that disrupts his/her magic abilities and burns away their souls. A Salvation kill won't grant you any Experience Points, nor does it trigger any other kill-related perks. A Salvation kill can only be applied to one enemy at a time and only when you are in melee range. But be careful: Stronger souls take longer to burn.

10 9

An Uneasy Truth

What have I become? Something less than pony... but also something more.

You realized an universal truth about the wasteland. And while faith can move mountains, force and violence can crush them into dust, making the way for other ponies easier. Your Damage Threshold (DT) and the damage dealt to every equine being is increased by 10%.

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