Fast's Perks Edit

These are the perks Fast Times gains through the course of Fallout Equestria: Commonwealth.The first chapter lists starting stats and traits, followed by a perk each chapter along with special Quest Perks and bonuses gained throughout the story.

Character Sheet Edit

Fast Times - Unicorn, Level 1

Strength 4
Perception 7
Endurance 4
Charisma 4
Intelligence 7
Agility 9
Luck 7

Tag Skills- Science +15, Repair +15, Guns +15

Small Framed You are not quite as big as other ponies, but that never slowed you down. You can't carry as much, but you are more agile. +1 to Agility but -25 carry weight!

Good Natured You studied less-combative skills as you were growing up and are a pony of pre-war Equestria. Your combat skills start at a lower level, but other skills are substantially improved. +5 Medicine, Barter, Science, Repair and Speech but -5 to Guns, Magic Energy Weapons, Explosives, Melee and Unarmed!

Perks Edit

Chapter Level Name Description
2 2 Action Colt You know your targeting spell like the back of your hoof, making you about 20% cooler in combat. You gain +15 Action Points in S.A.T.S. and the spell charge now recharges faster for you, so hurry up!
3 3 Gunslinger Fancy shooting there deadeye! You gain +25% accuracy in S.A.T.S. while using a pistol or similar short weapons.
4 4 A Little Dash Play to your strengths! While wearing light armor or no armor, you run 20% faster. As an added bonus you gain +5% bonus to sneak in dark conditions when wearing no armor thanks to your colors.
5 5 Foal at Heart I know you are but what am I! So what if you like foal's stuff like the Shrouded Stallion, This perk greatly improves your interactions with children, granting unique dialogue options with foals and other foals at heart.
6 6 Quickdraw Your weapons fly to your side practically without your knowledge! Makes weapon equipping and holstering 50% faster.
7 7 Extra Special - Endurance You've been busy since leaving the Stable, all the work and exercise has done you good. Your experiences in the Wasteland have allowed you to add one to your endurance.
8 8 Bloody Mess Your dark side is disturbingly creative coming up with gruesome ways to punish ponies that deserve it...  +5% overall damage and chance for spectacular deaths to your foes, fun! Just don't let it get away from you.
9 9 Moving Target They can't hurt what they can't hit! You gain +25 damage and energy resistance while sprinting
10 10 Local Leader As a leader everyone turns to you are building a settlement that can actually be something, well it's being built around you anyway... Trade lines can now be established from Sanctuary to the rest of the Commonwealth.
11 11 Robotics Expert Machines will always serve ponies, at least if you have anything to say about it. Fiddling with a cadre of Ponitron guards has given you the ability to hack any robot to some degree.
12 12 Filly Killer You've been hanging out with a flirty griffon too long. You're charming... and dangerous. Females suffer -10% damage in combat, and are easier to persuade in dialogue or intimidate, granting you new speech options with the fairer sex.
13 13 Strong Back What are you part pack mule? You gain +25 to carry weight, useful for hauling all your newfound treasure away, Applejack would be proud!
14 14 Blessed by Luna You are a creature of the night, fitting for the Shrouded Stallion! You now gain +2 intelligence and perception between the hours of 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM.
15 15 Rad Resistant Diving headlong into the site of a balefire bomb explosion along with... intimate exposure to a filly that soaks it up has made you more resilient! Grants +25% radiation resistance.
16 16 Reaper Pony's Gallop Death becomes you! If you kill a target while using the Stable-Tec Assisted Targeting System, 25% of the spell charge is restored after dropping the spell. This will usually refresh your targeting spell enough to use it again immediately for at least one more attack.
17 17 Party Colt Nopony has a good time like you! It may hit smaller ponies like you faster but there's no chance you will become addicted to alcohol. You also gain +2 luck while under the effects of alcohol.
18 18 Jury Rigging You posses the amazing ability to repair any item with a roughly similar item. Fix an anti materiel rifle with a hunting rifle, a magical energy weapon with a flashlight and some jewels, even power armor with metal armor and duct tape. How does it work? Nopony knows... except you.
19 19 Shotgun Surgeon With this perk, your precision with a scattergun is something to behold. When using shotguns, regardless of ammunition used, you ignore 10% of a target's damage resistance.
20 20 Clever Prancer You're one slippery little pony! Through agility and reflexes, you have become deft at striking where it hurts while preventing your enemies from doing the same. You gain an additional 5% chance to score a critical hit; your enemies suffer a 25% penalty to their chance to critically hit you. This perk is only effective when wearing light or no armor.
21 21 Local Leader (Rank 2) Establishing trade lines and a network of communities has fostered commerce in the area. Trade routes are safer to travel and you can now attract and build new businesses in Sanctuary. You also have a higher chance of success when it comes to convincing new settlements into

joining your collective effort.

22 22 Extra Special - Charisma Spending time making new friends and working with public opinion in the city has improved your skills in dealing with others! Your experiences in the Wasteland have allowed you to add one to your Charisma.
23 23 Sniper Pony It's all about focus. You have improved control and can hold your breath longer when aiming with scopes. With the Sniper perk, your chance to hit an opponent’s head in S.A.T.S. is increased by 20%.
24 24 Book Worm You pay much closer attention to the smaller details when reading! With the Comprehension perk, you gain double the bonus from reading magazines and 50% more skill points when reading books. Sure to come in useful now that you've got some new reading material!
25 25 Atomic! Keeping up with a radiation absorbing alicorn filly is hard work! In irradiated areas you gain +25% move and attack speed, +10% Damage resistance and +2 Strength. With excess rad levels your S.A.T.S. spell charge starts regenerating faster as well.
26 26 Organizer You are efficient at arranging your inventory in general. This makes it much easier to carry that little extra you’ve always needed and all the junk you insist on picking up. Items with a weight of two or less are considered to weigh half as much for you. Good thing stuff like toys, comics, books, costumes and knick-knacks all fall under that limit!
27 27 Concentrated Fire Stay focused! In S.A.T.S. every queued attack on the same body part increases accuracy by 10% and damage by 5%! If one shot won't work, just keep trying!
28 28 Silent Callop You have mastered silent movement, allowing you to move quickly and still remain quiet. You can Sneak at full speed with no penalties.
29 29 Demolition Expert The bigger the boom the better! You're explosives now do 25% more damage and you can craft explosives with the proper materials.
30 30 Nerd Rage Genius. Is. Angry! When your health drops below 20% your strength rises to 10, you gain deeper magic reserves and you gain 20% damage resistance while doing 20% more damage for a short time.
31 31 Critical Banker You're a patient battlefield tactician, thanks to a pip-buck upgrade you can now save a critical hit, to be used in S.A.T.S.  when you need it most!
32 32 Certified Robronco Tech-Pony Your knowledge of robotic and technical components allows you to break them more easily and salvage their mechanical corpses. You have a +20% chance to score critical hits against robots or power armor, and you'll also find more useful components on those you destroy.
33 33 Hobbler Chop them down from the ground up! With the Hobbler Perk, your chance to hit an opponent's legs in S.A.T.S. is significantly increased. You gain a +25% chance to hit a targets limbs!
34 34 Eye for an Eye Misery loves company! For each crippled limb you have, you gain +10% damage!
35 35 Counter Canter A lesson from Glitter on that old dancing game has made you a little more graceful! Your fancy hoofwork (or agile flying if you are a pegasus pony) keeps you out of harm’s way. Opponents suffer a -5 to combat skills when attacking you.
36 36 Sugarcube Gourmet Taking in the cuisine of Goodneighbor and visiting Fork's own restaurant has given you a greater appreciation for wasteland cooking! You gain +25% addiction resistance and a 50% health bonus from snack foods. Alcohol of all kinds now also gives you health in addition to their normal effects.
37 37 Tunnel Trotter A lifetime of crawling around cramped Stable passages and ducts makes moving in tight quarters easy for you! You gain 25% sneaking speed when wearing light or no armor.
38 38 Chem Resistant All the rush without the hassle! You're 50% less likely to get addicted to chems and gain +25 poison resistance! Sure to come in useful the next time somepony shoots you full of darts!
39 39 Run n' Gun For not being an athletic pony, you sure do a lot of running! You gain better accuracy with ranged weapons while moving!
40 40 And Stay Back! After all your experience with them, you've discovered a Shotgun technique that has a chance to knock an enemy back! Shotguns have a 10% chance, per pellet, of knocking an enemy back on their rump! Good way to buy yourself some breathing room!
41 41 Roughin' It You've learned a few survival lessons on your march down from Mareford. You now gain the well rested benefit even when sleeping outside or in rough conditions. You also gain access to a few new recipes for food and drink items, though probably not anything somepony not suffering weird cravings and mutated tastebuds would find appetizing...
42 42 Ninja-Pony The Ninja-Pony perk grants you the power of the fabled shadow warriors! You now do 2.5x sneak attack damage with ranged attacks, as well as 4x sneak attack damage with melee weapons.
43 43 The Magic of Friendship You made it back to your friends and loved ones! The emotional reunion and facing your own mortality together has strengthened your bonds, whatever the future holds. When your HP or the HP of any member of your party drops below 30%, all members of your party (including yourself) gain much greater resistance to damage.
44 44 Filly Killer (Rank 2) This would be a better side effect if you were a different kind of stallion... Apparently your 'scent' has changed, pheromones that alicorns can identify consciously, but affect all fillies to some degree. You deal an additional 10% damage in combat

against females, and they are even easier to persuade in dialogue or intimidate, granting you additional new speech options with the fairer sex.

As an added bonus, alicorns will almost never start out hostile towards you now, regardless of faction affiliation! Though they might be a little too friendly!

45 45 Math Wrath You're a regular computer whiz! Sparring with the advanced maneframe in charge of the M.O.M. hub has sharpened your already considerable skills! You are able to optimize your Pip-Buck’s targeting spell logic. S.A.T.S. is now 20% cooler!
46 46 Hit the Deck! You react very quickly to the word "Incoming!" You gain +25% damage

reduction against explosives and can better weather having bombs going off all around you, reducing chances for concussion!

47 47 Tough Hide Getting tossed around by a master of zebra martial arts proves you can take a beating if nothing else! The brutal experiences of the Equestrian Wasteland have hardened you. You gain +3 to Damage Threshold for each level of this perk you take.
48 48 Slayer The Slayer pony walks the earth! You're still no prize fighter, but losing your temper and surviving the Combat Zone has improved your martial skills. The speed of your hoof to hoof or melee attacks is increased by 25% and you have an increased chance for critical hits with such attacks!
49 49 Weapon Handling Either your horn’s gotten tough enough to handle the kick or you’ve broken in that battle saddle. Of course access to alicorn strength doesn't hurt either... Weapon strength requirements are two less for you!
50 50 Just Lucky I'm Alive You have the luck of Discord to have survived so far! The goddesses must practically tear their manes out keeping you alive, you now gain +4 Luck for 3 minutes upon finishing a battle with less than 25% health; immunity to critical hits, and +50% critical damage.

New Game + Perks Edit

After reaching max level, Fast is set down a different path in New Game +, allowing him to continue gaining perks and a greatly reduced number of skill points. Spoilers ahead.

Chapter Level Name Description
51 1 Pyromaniac As Val says, fire fixes everything! It certainly worked on the nightmare fuel in the M.O.M. Hub! You now gain +50% damage with fire-based weapons or spells, or +25% for your preferred electricity which cooks them more on the inside than out.
52 2 Friend of the Night Princess New senses to get used to... fun! As an alicorn, your eyes now adapt quickly to low-light situations. Even in total darkness, things are lit with a preternatural glow like a nightvision scope and you have eyes like a hawk.
53 3 Party Colt (Rank 2) Nopony can out-drink you now! You now have incredible resistance to alcohol, requiring a great deal more to become inebriated at all and quickly sobering. On the plus side, you suffer no negative effects from alcohol and the positive effects are doubled. Alicorn metabolism may be a bit annoying, but there are perks too! You also now gain +3 luck while under the effects of alcohol.
54 4 Ditzy Deliverer Earth pony strength and wings take some getting used to, but have their benefits! You are able to fly while over encumbered and gain an additional +50 to your maximum carry weight, hauling more junk around with ease. A good thing too as your flight instructor's favorite methods involve overloading you!
55 5 Shrouded Imperialist Visiting the home of the Shroud's creator and the shadow of the real thing's resting place, you are more in tune with the character than ever! As Luna's Avenger, servant of order and royalty, you gain +15% Damage and +25% accuracy in S.A.T.S. to various uncivilized tribal, raider and criminal characters.
56 6 Light Trot After surviving the Gunner funhouse of Talon's Dept. Store, there's pretty much no booby trap you aren't familiar with now! You are agile, lucky and always careful; or maybe you have just mastered the art of self-levitation. Either way, you never set off enemy mines or floor-based traps.
57 7 Daring Do Devotee You've learned to discover the wasteland's hidden secrets! Hanging around Val and your former scavver daughter has rubbed off a little. You now have higher odds to discover caps, ammo and secret treasures still hidden in the ruins of the old world, especially useful in finding secret passages!
58 8 Tribal Wisdom Spending a little time with the tribe of fisherponies in Eclipse and your new fan club was well worth it. Listening and learning from those wiser than you often is, you now take -50% limb damage from animals, mutated animals, and mutated insects, +20% to Poison resistance, as well as an appreciation for the delicacies they can be turned into.
59 9 Blaster Master Learning to be a little more flexible is tough, but S.A.T.S. helps make up for your lack of experience with magical weaponry! From boxy M.E.W. pistols to Magical Gatling Weapons and Plasma Casters, S.A.T.S. spell charge costs for all Magical Energy Weapons are reduced by 20%.
60 10 Them's Good Eatin' Hanging around a village of miretank hunters has given you a greater appreciation for all the wonderful varieties of meat in the wasteland, making you an avowed carnivore. Any living creature you kill has a 50% chance to have potent and delicious remains to eat, as well as gaining double healing and other benefits from meaty meals.
61 11 Inspiration Manifestation You're a lot more popular than you ever were in the Stable, though that comes with its own problems and benefits! Because you lead by example, your companions deal 20% more damage while taking 20% less, along with an increase to their carry weight by... you guessed it, 20%. Mysteriously they also cannot hurt you (in combat anyway... by accident...) nor you them. The Magic of Friendship is a strange and powerful thing, stray 'friendly' fire just ricochets or bounces away harmlessly!
62 12 Penetrator There's no place to hide! In S.A.T.S. you can target an enemy's body parts that are blocked by cover, with a decrease in accuracy.
63 13 Friendship Lessons Learned You don't have to send letters off to your Princess since she's right by your side, but all your experiences have prepared you for heading back out into the Commonwealth to try making new friends and allies. Taking time to rest and reflect before throwing yourself into the fray again grants you +1% XP gain per alicorn player level.
64 14 Arcane Physicist You've learned the arcane secrets of radiation and balefire.... and to command them. As well as gaining access to new arcano-tech recipes at a sufficient workbench or lab, radiation weapons now do 50% more damage / healing and any radiation producing arcano-fusion power supply can be convinced to be 25% more efficient under your expert care.
65 15 Mad Bomber You have a habit of blowing places up wherever you go! Your penchant for high explosives and big ka-booms allows you access to new explosives schematics to build at a sufficient workbench. Time bombs, remote detonations, tin can and MFC grenades, Balefire mines and more are now at your disposal you pyromaniac pony!
66 16 Fight the Power! You've ticked off the Brotherhood of Friendship along with the Gunners and more major forces are against you every day! You now gain +2 Damage Threshold and +5% Critical chance against anyone wearing Diamond City, Gunners, New Canterlot Republic or Brotherhood of Friendship armor.
67 17 Stable-Tec Whiz Your familiarity with Stable-Tec terminals and computers in general is legendary, you now gain an additional attempt to hack a terminal, as well as being able to get one more attempt to hack a locked out terminal. Surely done by some previous wasteland explorer without your skills of course!
68 18 Pathfinder At least you're getting better at flying with all this running around! Travel time to remote locations in the Equestrian Wasteland is reduced by 25%. The drain on sky carriage spark batteries is likewise reduced.
69 19 The Professional Pony So long as things stay quiet, you're one sneaky agent of death! Your sneak attack criticals with revolvers, pistols, and submachine guns (guns and energy weapons) all inflict an additional 20% damage.
70 20 Mighty Alicorn Telekinesis (Rank 1) You're getting used to your new magic slowly but surely, but attempting to lift a vertibuck maaaaaay have pushed your limits a bit. Just like building a physical muscle though, straining yourself results in growth and opening up to what's possible. You triple the mass that you can levitate with your alicorn magic, putting you at Twilight Sparkle tier with the simple spell.
71 21 Mighty Hunter Working together and learning from the skilled minotaur hunters of Salt Lick has taught you a trick or two! In combat, you now do 75% more critical damage against animals and mutated animals.
72 22 Flower Child Far out... Getting repeatedly dosed with breezie nectar has given you a greater tolerance to groovy drugs of all kinds! With this perk, you are 50% less likely to be addicted to chems and the withdrawal time is half that of a normal pony.
73 23 Friend of Fluttershy After spending time around the breezies and all their animal friends, you can now commune with the critters! With the first rank, previously hostile animals will no longer attack in the wasteland!
74 24 Rainbow Refractor Tinkering with a contraption made to harness and reflect light and magic has given you new insight into magical energy weapons. You now gain 20% resistance to M.E.W. fire and are less likely to be vaporized!
75 25 Lone Wanderer Who needs friends anyway? You do! But learning how to say goodbye and when you have to go it alone grants you -20% damage and +50 to your carry weight when traveling without a companion.

Special Perks Edit

Throughout the story, Fast gains certain special perks like the bonuses from collecting Ministry Mare Statues, special events, Companion Perks and Skill Bonus items found in the wasteland in the form of lesser soul jars.

Ministry Mare Statues / Soul Jars Edit

Chapter Name Description
2 Be Pleasant... The gentle soul of Fluttershy makes you more likable! Shy ponies have to stick together right? Grants +1 Charisma
13 Be Strong! The determined spirit of Applejack fills you with earth pony strength! Unicorns can be tough when they have to be too! Grants +1 Strength!
25 Be Unwavering The generous soul of Rarity helps you endure what the wasteland throws at you. You may have different ideas on fashion but you'd both do anything it takes for your friends. You gain +1 Endurance
51 Awareness! It was under E! The unpredictable soul of Pinkie Pie helps you always stay alert and ready to sniff out fun! You now gain +1 Perception thanks to your favorite foalhood Ministry Mare!
3 Be Dark... Hey it may not be a Ministry Mare statuette but you've been reunited with a somewhat dark piece of your own soul in the Shrouded Stallion figure! +5% sneak and +5% sneak attack damage!

Companion Perks Edit

Chapter Companion Name Description
8 Jade Stealth Filly Alicorn invisibility is almost cheating! Jade is practically a Stealth-buck on demand, your relationship allows you to take advantage of her powers as well as doubling stealth-buck duration and granting sneak attack criticals +20% damage
12 Platinum Glitter Daddy's Little Girl As bad as you are at haggling, you're lucky you have a certain little filly watching out for you. You enjoy 10% better prices from all vendors when Glitter is in your party. Additionally, her weaponized cuteness can convince vendors to sell that little bit they'd normally hold back. Increases available cap limit and stock of vendors, along with unlocking unique items at certain stores!
56 Valkyrie Bloodtail Phoenix Tears You have reached maximum affinity with your griffon mercenary, it just took awhile to crack that shell. The fiery Val's tears don't have healing properties or anything, but their blessing grants you an additional 20% fire resistance and 10% damage with fire, explosives or magical energy weapons while Val is in your party. As an additional benefit of your own flight instructor that cares, you gain double the benefit for any skill points put in the Flight skill as well.
60 Periwinkle Minutemare's Finest After conquering Castle Equinox together and cleaning up, you have reached maximum affinity in a most enjoyable way! Thanks to the eccentric, invisible sniper, you now gain +20% increase to S.A.T.S. accuracy for head shots and increased damage from sniper rifles. Also, sneaking while out of sight of enemies can cause them to lose you while Periwinkle is in your party.
63 Ivy Teacher's Pet Reaching maximum affinity with Ivy grants +10% success with speech checks, thanks to a little unity while she's in your party. You also gain a +2% experience gain for speech successes and when discovering new locations, giving her stories to share with her orphans in Goodneighbor.

Quest Perks Edit

Chapter Name Description
1 Shift Change Tournament Champion You are the winner! You knew you got that last can, as the reigning champeen you receive +5% chance for critical hit using guns and can sometimes pray for a critical when you need it, be careful what you wish for though! Your definition of luck might be different than the universes'.
2 Sole Survivor You escaped the Stable and are now on a mission from the goddesses, let no pony stand in your way. Grants unique dialogue options and +5% chance for speech checks.
3 Alicorn Lover There's no denying it, you've fallen in love at first sight. You gain unique dialogue options with Alicorns and have improved reputation with any you meet.
7 Undertaker You kept your word and the dead of Stable 111 have been laid to rest. The spirits of the Shift 4 ponies watch over you, reducing damage by 4%
8 Shadowy Shroud You've found a way to control the shadowy pony in your head. Your alter ego's sense of theatrics functions like the Terrifying Presence! perk, allowing unique dialogue that can intimidate foes and send them running. These speech checks are only available when speaking as the Shroud and only against evildoers with with negative reputation and knowledge of the Shrouded Stallion.
11 Jigawhat? A bolt of lightning to the horn has rattled some things around in there, you hope that's it anyway. You now have access to a powerful lightning spell and potentially other magic! It's a little uncontrollable at the moment though.
16 Shadowy Shroud (Rank 2) Learning to use the image of your alter ego and its' penchant for theatrics has granted you the ability to use it positively as well as negatively. When playing the Shroud you gain +2 Charisma and +10 speech, making speech checks easier. Only applies when playing the role to the hilt, i.e. in costume and in character, and only with ponies who know of the Shroud's reputation.
21 Jigawhat? (Rank 2) All the remedial lessons might be annoying but they are helping. Your magic is still sort of wonky, but you have access to new spells and abilities that will only improve with time. Though everything seems to have been tinged with that lightning bolt's influence.
24 Alicorn Angel Blue It's not a Ministry Mare statue and doesn't have a soul attached to it, it's technically not even for you... But having a little toy version of your favorite alicorn makes you think of her any time you see it. You gain a boost of +10 to the Medicine skill!
26 Alicorn Angel Moondancer A little of the previous owner seems to have rubbed off on this little toy of the Institute Biosciences Division head. It's no Ministry Mare statuette, but taking possession of the one of a kind action figure grants a boost of +10 to the science skill!
30 Pinkie Pie Mask #42 Maybe it's because it's the visage of the creator of the party cannon, or because Kellogg held onto it? Whatever the reason this strange plastic mask grants +10 to the big guns skill! You're sure there's a story here though.
32 Sgt. Big Mac! The souvenir shop figure of Equestria's greatest hero imparts a bit of the Sarge's military skills! You gain +10 to the Small Guns skills!
38 Institute Impelled Metamorphosis Potion- Injection One way or the other, you're now a guinea pig for the Institute! Without skilled medical attention and the spell to purge taint cast within the first 12 hours, the condition will progress. For now, you lose 10 health and magic points and feel mildly sick!
39 Space Captain Andromeda Figure The toy you got from the never ending birthday party imparts a bit of the famous Space Captain's skill with a blaster! You gain +10 to the Magical Energy Weapons skill! Not that you use them, but still nice!
39 Institute I.M.P. (Rank 1) Replaces Institute Impelled Metamorphosis Potion- Injection perk. It's been more than 12 hours since injection and the process has started! You now lose 20 health and magic points, as well as suffering -1 to Strength and Endurance! You're also experiencing more side effects and must consume 25% more food than normal and tire 50% faster than the normal rate!
41 The Dude's Trophy Taking possession of the big Letrotski's trophy grants like, no useful skill bonuses or anything. But all negative effects from alcohol or drug use are halved, so it being useless is just like, a matter of opinion man.
41 Institute I.M.P. (Rank 2) It's been more than a full day since the process started. You now lose 30 health and magic points, as well as suffering -1 to Perception and Agility in addition to Strength and Endurance! You continue to require 25% more food and tire 50% faster than normal.
44 Institute I.M.P. (Rank 3) Only a short time left, one way or the other... In addition to the negative effects of the previous rank, you now also suffer -1 Charisma and -10% to spell recharge rate and skill checks.

The changes to your physiology continue to pile up, as a positive you gain the effects of the 'Touched by Taint (3)' perk, making you 20% faster and stronger whenever you’re basking in the warm glow of radiation. Your Action Points regenerate faster and faster the higher your level of radiation sickness becomes and your natural lifespan has increased dramatically. (This replaces the 'Atomic!' perk if previously selected).

You also gain the benefits of the 'Bone Strengthening Brew / Adamantium Bone Lacing' perk if not already taken, making your limbs only receive 50% of the damage they normally would.

47 Camp Friendship Neckerchief You might not be much of an outdoors pony, but finding Rara's camp neckerchief has granted a small taste of the long ago camp! You gain +10 to the survival skill!
47 Kissed by Discord Do you really want to know?
49 Institute Alicorn Miraculously you've survived the process and Moondancer's version of the Impelled Metamorphosis Potion was successful! All negative effects from Institute I.M.P. perks are removed while the positives remain.

Your body has been permanently enhanced through Arcane Science! You gain +1 to Strength, Endurance and Charisma, +20% to your Poison, Fire and Radiation Resistances and +3 to your damage threshold, and are at least 20% cooler in general. You also gain the effects of the TAG! perk(s) for the purposes of gaining the 'Flight' and/or 'Magic' skill(s) only. A nice payoff for a week of misery...

There are other side effects however. Radiation continues to build in your system (though in a totally unfair turn, you remain short...), conferring increasing bonuses the higher your count, which steadily decreases on its own over time or with sleep, equivalent to the 'Rad Absorbtion' and 'Irradiated Beauty' perks. You are also susecptible to alicorn unity and less able to guard your thoughts or resist psionic attack...

(Note: 'Institute Alicorn' is incompatible with all zebra alchemy perks like 'Bone Strengthening Brew' and 'Zebra-Augmented Pony', as well as all cybernetic implants including 'Adamantium Bone Lacing' and 'Cyberpony'.)

53 Pony Sutra The side effects of your transformation are more significant than you thought! Dr. Dala's version of the I.M.P. was focused on creating a breeding stud and your new body wants to fill that role, whether you do or not.

You are experienced and now amazingly enduring in the art of giving and receiving physical pleasure.  You are now much more likely to have sexual encounters with specific characters.

55 Lightning Dash Dive With your affinity for lightning magic, you've stumbled on an ancient Wonderbolt trick you can actually manage! With sufficient clouds to work with, you can bring the lightning down from the heavens with you in an amplified area of effect blast. Any robots or power armor in range suffer the effects of a matrix-disruption grenade and everything in the blast zone takes damage. It takes a good amount of setup enemies may not give you, but you snooze, you lose!
57 Staff of Sameness Who knows why this odd stick was used as the lever for Dr. Gleam's secret lab, but it has felt the touch of powerful magic in the past. Other than providing your flight instructor something new to whack you with, this twisted hunk of wood provides a bonus of +10 to the Magic skill!
62 Stuffed Spitfire Doll Bet you think you're Wonderbolt material, don't cha? The noble pegasus war hero grants you a bonus of +10 to the flight skill. Every little bit helps since you most definitely aren't!
67 Trenderhoof's Glasses He might have been full of himself and about as deep as a mud puddle, but Trenderhoof did have a way with words as Equestria's premiere travel writer. Taking possession of his glasses grants you a boost of +10 to the Speech skill!

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