A list of perks that The Changeling Worker has acquired during his adventures.


Chapter Perk Type Level Name Description
Chapter 1 Level Perk Level 1 You Look Familiar... All modifications to Speech skill are doubled when Disguised.
Chapter 2 Level Perk Level 2 Biter Unarmed critical hits are 10% more likely. +5 to Unarmed.
Chapter 3 Level Perk Level 3 Leech Whenever experience is earned by anyone close to you, you receive 1% of what they earn, down to a minimum of 1 point of exp. You cannot level up with experience earned this way.
Chapter 4 Level Perk Level 4 Bookworm You pay much closer attention to the smaller details when reading. You gain 50% more skill points when reading books.
Chapter 5 Level Perk Level 5 Telekinesis (Level-1) You can’t do much, but a little goes a long way. You can now lift Light objects with your magic. +1 to Small Guns.
Chapter 6 Level Perk Level 6 Empathy of the Mind

With understanding comes friendship. New dialogue options available when successfully disguised. +5 Speech.

Chapter 7 Level Perk Level 7 Raider Palette

You can now heal by eating Pony Meat.

Chapter 8 Level Perk Level 8 Hive Builder

+5 Repair + 5 Medicine.

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