This is the list of perks that Shayle and Felix earns in the harsh Zebracan wasteland.

Shayles PerksEdit

Chapter Perk Type Level Name Description
Chapter 1 Level Perk Level 2 Black Widow In combat, you do +10% damage to male opponents. Outside of combat, you might just think of especially creative things to say to members of the opposite sex.
Chapter 3 Level Perk Level 4 Herpetologist You deal an extra 50% damage when you attack mutated reptiles.
Chapter 5 Level Perk Level 6 Short Temper When your companions drop beneath 50% health, you gain +5% to all types of damage
Chapter 7 Level Perk Level 8 Quick Draw Weapon Equipping and Holstering is now 50% faster
Chapter 9 Level Perk 10 Strong Back +50% Carry Weight
Chapter 14 Level Perk 12 From the Brink Your brush with death has made you stronger. +30 HP

Felix' PerksEdit

Chapter Perk Type Level Name Description
Chapter 4 Companion Perk Comprehension You gain one additional skill point for reading books, and double the skill points for reading magazines! And I guess you can try to explain it to Shayle too.
Chapter 9 Level Perk Educated You gain 2 extra skill points each time you level up
Chapter 14 Level Perk Travel Light While wearing light armor or no armor, you run 10% faster.

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