"Here we begin our story with a pony. A pony with many names, a pony with many questions, a pony with no answers" Patient 72 is the main character of FoE:Shadows of the Past


A pony native to the city of Stalliongrad, sports a all white coat with a shield CM, A dark red mane with white streaks, and extensive cybernetics.


Patient 72 wakes due to unknown circumstances 189 years after he was sceduled to do so. With no memory of how he got there, or any memory at all, he is thrusted into the new world of equestria. Slowely discovering his past through flashbacks and convieniently placed objects from his past, Patient 72 sets out to restore his memory. Patient 72 was taken in for experimentation with Statis megaspells, the MoP hoped it could be a way to remove conditions like the ones Patient 72 suffered from. "SEVERE multiple personality disorder, schizophrenia, wartime stress disorder, bipolarity, PTSD and severe alcoholism" Although the experiments conducted on him years before worked, no amount of treatment "can remove the trauma one sufferes from the mind, even though the memory is gone"

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