The Paragons are a group of highly skilled ex-Stable Dwellers based out of the settlement of Neighwhere. Once residing within Stable 87, upon reaching the surface and establishing the city, they quickly earned a reputation as some of the fiercest fighters in the Wasteland. Led by Hate, the Paragons follow his word to the very end. Likewise, many common raiders fell in beside the group due to the similar lifestyle.

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Below is a list of the currently known paragons. In total there are rumored to be ten. Following are the known Paragons; current, former, and deceased.

  • Hate - The de-facto leader of the Paragons. Deceased
  • Ripple "Two Kick Rip" - Hate's left hoof and primary enforcer. (Former Member)
  • Sweeps - An exceptionally powerful unicorn, had a crush on Ripple. (Deceased, killed by Ripple and Ashred)
  • Cinder Trails - A dual flamethrower wielding pyromaniac. Alive
  • Holepunch - An expert mechanic, former acquaintance of Shade. (Deceased, killed by Ripple and Fluster)
  • Flurry - A sadist, blade covered pegasus. Fluster's younger sister. Only non-Stable 87 member. Deceased, killed by Fluster
  • Massacre - A massive earth pony that was operating out of the stadium. (Deceased, killed by Ripple)
  • Skyline - Sniper of notable skill. Alive(Former Member)
  • Epiphany - Inventor Deceased

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