Palominos faction

Palomino gangers Source

The Palominos, known colloquially as 'cafones', are a gang that is active in the city of Poneva in the Northern Wasteland. They are featured prominently in Fallout: Equestria - Rising Dawn


The Palominos are a vassal gang aligned with the Sunny Days Company. They are led by their mafia boss, Avilign Creme. The Palominos control the largest amount of land in the outer city; their territory spans several districts, including the Old Market District, among others. They hold territory between the slums and the border of the outer city. They are a rival gang to the Blood Brothers, with whom they are constantly at war with.

They serve the SDC as their tax collectors, extorting ponies for caps and protection from other gangs. Palominos also run the SDC's sex slavery rings, managing the brothels while employing SDC slaves. They are also a distributor of chems manufactured by the Silverhorshoe Society's factories, and maintain a shaky relationship with the Roanian ponies. 


The Palominos are one of the oldest factions in the Northern Wasteland, established long before the other gangs or plantations could take root. 

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