Race Earth Pony
Sex Colt
Status Alive
Painkiller is a young colt who lives in Rust Manor.


Present DayEdit

Painkiller spends most of his time, playing with his two friends, the twin unicorns Big Deal and her brother Riccochet. The trio of foals met Puppysmiles as she was looking for her mother in Rust Manor. Painkiller notices her Environmental Suit looks like a spacesuit and offers to trade his toy space gun, Sentenza to her. Puppysmiles gives Painkiller forty two boxes of Muffins she had randomly picked up, completly surprising Painkiller who could barely carry away all the Muffins.


Big Deal & Riccochet - These twin unicorns are Painkiller's best friends.



Painkiller is a young earth pony colt with a green coat and a brown mane and tail.

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