Overmare's Fury is a unique Lever action rifle recovered by Appletart Longshot before she leaves Stable 88. Overmare's Fury is a black shiny metal variant of the lever action rifle with a custom scope attached to it. The rifle uses .357 magnum rounds.

Overmare's Fury belonged to the original Blueberry Muffin, the first Overmare of Stable 88. The weapon has been passed down to each Overmare that has run Stable 88 i.e, every Overmare's daughter. Appletart Longshot recovered the weapon from it's special display case, and was identified as Overmare's Fury by her PipBuck.

Appletart leaves Stable 88 and kills two Raiders using Fury. She carries the weapon with her throughout her time as a Steel Ranger, notably using it during a mission that required more stealth than usual. Appletart mostly used the 50cal anti-material rifle she she fixed rather than her lever action rifle during her years as a Ranger. Overmare's Fury becomes one of Appletart's signature weapons and is more frequently used after Appletart's desertion. She uses the rifle as her primary weapon alongside a shotgun and This Machine.

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