Race Earth Pony
Faction Crusaders - Rainbow division
Role Senior Technician
Family Revamp (Father) - Deceased
Status Alive
Eyes Grey
Mane Dusty Brown
Coat Light Amber
Cutie Mark Toolbox with Spanner
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Once upon a time in the magical land of Equestri... Ah screw this. My name is Overhaul, I live in a reinforced bunker underground called Stable 7.

Overhaul is the main protagonist from the sidefic Fallout Equestria: Endless Roadtrip.

Skills Edit

Tag skills

  • Repair
  • Science
  • Lockpick

Overhauls main skill is repair - with years of experience as junior and senior technician he can use tools with precision and speed, allowing him to fix objects quickly and effectively.

He also has the unique ability of inventing and restoring objects - Such as the Tazer rifle (long range stun gun) constructed with two tazer guns powering a gemstone, and toaster mines, He also specialises in Computer hacking and decoding certain files.

His final main skill is lockpick, In the early chapters of the book he quickly realises he's quite good at picking locks, This is because of his experience as Senior technician - he can precisely handle tools - such as the screwdriver.

Whilst he is Intelligent and capable of creating quick and effective plans - such as planning an escape route from a sealed chamber. He is gullible and panics when startled, He also has a hatred for anything toaster related after his experience in the Stable.


Overhaul was born in Stable 7 and had four main friends; Roxxy (Loudmouthed griffin), 8-ball (Zebra), Cloud (Metrosexual pegasus) and Deadlift (his workmate). He worked as Stable Technician, a job given to him by the Overmare after the supposed death of his father.

After he was betrayed by and locked in the sacrificial chamber. He escaped through the ventilation shaft to find his friends. They quickly decided to leave the Stable by sneaking through the apple orchard. In the escape Cloud is shot repeatedly in the side killing him, and 8-ball is presumably dead as he stayed inside to seal the Stable door.

Not much is known about his father except that he escaped the Stable, Overhaul only discovered this when he was sacrificed by the Overmare and then later on, found his fathers body near the stable door.

Pipbuck P-01Edit

P-01 is a prototype pipbuck originally owned by the First overmare (Dinky doo). Overhaul recieved it on the day he got his cutie mark, seeing as it was the only one left in the stable which hadn't become impossible to repair.

P-01 has a few interesting features that no other Pipbuck is equipped with. Such as:

  • Long range Message Reciever/Sender
  • Automated perk booster
  • Guidebook feature - Automatically records main subjects for future reference (eg. Towns, Creatures, Factions etc...)
  • Extra Input ports for connection cables - Including the QG
  • Several other locked features

QG - Quantum gauntletEdit

The Quantum Gauntlet is a gift that Roxxy gave to Overhaul in the Stable. It was found wedged between rusted pipes and in very bad condition. Originally Roxxy thought it was a piece of zebra jewellery.

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