You do not have to follow this pony. If you value your lives you will leave. This is your only chance before he leads you straight to a grave.
– Oracle, addressing a superior force of NCA soldiers
Rolling Bones, Ch 7 - 4.
Full Name Farsight
Title ex-Colonial
alias Oracle
Race Unicorn
Sex Stallion
Faction/Role Arbitrors


Born Farsight, Oracle was once a Colonal in the NCA army. Devoting his entire life to his career, Oracle lost everything in a single night. He was sent to a small town on the edge of NCA territory to oversee the evacuation of its citizens in response to the imminant arrival of an enemy force. The residents, however, refused to leave and rather than leave them to their fate, he chose to garrison the town and prepare for the battle to come. The events that unfolded are known only to those who were present, but the outcome was a disaster. Almost everypony was lost save for the Colonal and small few who managed to flee. With nothing else to fall back on, Oracle and his closest friends began to sell their services as caravan guards until they were able to set themselves up as a mercenary company. The Arbitrors. 


Small for a unicorn stallion, Oracle is often over looked despite his flame like mane and tail. Both his name(s) and his tactical agility has garnered him the reputation of having pre-cognitive abilities, though the more grounded believe he simply never stops thinking about what could possibly go wrong.

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