Ocher Bullion (Operation Flankorage)
Ocher at the offset of his journey
Full Name Ocher Bullion
Title The Merchant
Race Unicorn
Sex Stallion
Faction/Role Stable 114
Family Peppercorn (mother)Deceased

Ocher Bullion is a unicorn who lived in VR simulation town 'Shetland' in Stable 114. He travels the area around Flankorage, a city north of Canterlot. He is the main character of the Fallout: Equestria - Operation Flankorage.


Ocher was born and unwittingly raised in the virtual reality simulation town of Shetland. He was raised to be a merchant and store clerk and ran the shop in Shetland. In reality he has spent his entire life hooked up to a pod. His mother died in an accident before earned his cutie mark, although it is implied that she was 'retired' to make room for a new foal. His two best friends in Shetland were Keystone and Primrose He was released from the simulation during the Unity's invasion.


Ocher is a pony who can easily make friends. He is a smart pony and considers himself so and in the past his plans have given him and his companions the advantage. He is very protective of those in his care and takes it hard if anything should happen to them. He views raiders and slaver as sub-pony, and goes to great lengths to deal with them.


Icy started off as a snide voice in the back of Ocher's mind, but has grown more and more pronounced as time passed. Icy's main role is to counteract Ocher's own self loathing. He points out how useless Ocher's regrets are. Icy is implied to be more than just a split personality as he has repeatedly shown he has had access to knowledge that Ocher does not.


He is a grey unicorn with a black mane and tail, slightly taller than the average pony. He has yellow eyes. His cutie mark is a single bit coin.

After being bitten by a feral demon, Ocher has slowly gained their attributes.Currently, he has their thick fur, their claws and the whites of his eyes turn red during bloodlust.

After his encounter with Tribunus Xenophon, he permanently lost the use of his left eye. However, BARON made a crude prosthetic replacement from scraps. However when he is particularly self-conscious about it, he wears an eye patch instead.


Ocher is one of the most fragile and physically inept protagonist. Due to his atrophied muscles he is only physically strong as Puppysmiles. However the feral demon bite seems to have counteracted that by the time he returns to Stable 114

Magical Energy Weapons: Through his use of a taser to deter shoplifters, Ocher has grown proficient with a range of magical energy weapons. He favoured magical rifles, although he does carry a novasurge pistol as back-up.

Barter: Years of working as a store clerk has honed his bartering skills, allowing his to get the best deals.

Speech: Again, his years as a store clerk has made him sociable and good at small talk. He is also a good actor, having impersonated both a slave buyer and Red-Eye successfully.

Various Perks


Maple Sugar-





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