Obsidian Equestria, often shortened down to Obsidian EQ is a talon company, set up in the old ruins of Buckston.


The griffins of Obsidian Equestria get their name from the building they have chosen to use as their base. They are one of three major powers in the Buckston region, alongside Ardent Vortex's enclave pegasi and the two factions of Steel Rangers. 

Their leader is Krieg Razorbeak, an experienced girffin talon who managed to forge a peace treaty between his griffins, the Steel Ranger splinter faction and Vortex's enclave, effectively bringing some stability to the Buckston area. The talons of Obsidian EQ look after much of the civillian population in Buckston's ruins and protect a number of shopkeepers and other businesses. They also have dealings with other mercenary groups like the Cult of Speed.

The Obsidian EQ griffins were attacked by a red pegasus pretending to be Mach and suffered numerous injuries but no fatalities. They later wiped out a slaver camp and returned to Buckston as instructed by Razorbeak.


The Obsidian Equestria talons seek to maintain the peace in Buckston and keep themselves afloat financially by doing various mercenary jobs. They have a strong dislike of slavery or kidnapping/harming anyone under their protection and will retaliate against aggressors.

They wiped out their competitors, the Prominence Mercenaries and kill known slavers on sight, as well as wiping out any camps they might have and freeing their slaves.

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Notable MembersEdit

Krieg Razorbeak - Leader

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