Title Doc

Doc Noc

Race Pegasus
Sex Stallion
Faction/Role Grand Pegasus Enclave
Status Alive
Noctilucent, more commonly referred to as Doc, is an Enclave weapon's engineer and creator of Mach's unique coilgun.



Noctilucent is an Enclave scientist/engineer who specializes in creating new weaponry. He often had Mach testing out his new creations, during his reconaissance missions. 

Present DayEdit

Noctilucent created the coilgun and ScoutBuck that function together, allowing the coilgun to act like a markspony's rifle, despite its rather large and cumbersome size. He gave them to Mach for a field test, ordered by the Enclave's leadership. He later fist them into Mach's battle-saddle, commenting on the excellent condition of Mach's main weapon, Rattler



Noctilucent is a pegasus stallion with a grey coat and and mane. His mane sticks out in numerous directions, almost looking spiky and he wears a pair of glasses on the bridge of his muzzle.


Doc is fairly cheerful and optimistic, delighting in showing off his latest creations. He will happily go into in-depth explanations, warning of the risks and drawbacks as well as the benefits of any equipment he has made. He has a large amount of knowledge regarding weapons and can appreciate a well-maintained weapon like Rattler.


Noctilucent is an expert in weapon creation amongst other things. He built Mach's ScoutBuck by using an old PipBuck 2000 and modified the ScoutBuck to work with the Coilgun. The Coilgun he built was still in the prototype phase, but is extremely powerful, capable of piercing alicorn shields.


An Enclave Raptor from Fallout: Equestria is also named Noctilucent.

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