Nimbus wiki picture
By StormbadgerXIII
Full Name (Corporal) Nimbus Cloudhoof
Race Pegasus
Sex Male
Faction/Role Enclave Scout

Unofficial Dashite

Family Cloudius Cloudhoof

Evening Gale (deceased)

Status Alive

Nimbus (full name Nimbus Cloudhoof), introduced in Chapter 1, is a pegasus stallion and the lead character in the side story Purity. He is a Wasteland wanderer, travelling and seeking to make right the Vanhoover District Wasteland, along with his companions. Prior to, and in the beginning of, the story, he was a private, then corporal in the Grand Pegasus Enclave's Feathertip Scout Batallion.



Nimbus was born in the cloud city of Feathertip, an outlying city in the Enclave's territory, to Scout Sergeant Major Cloudius (father) and Evening Gale (mother). He joined the Enclave's Scouting force at a young age.

Modern DayEdit

This section will be filled out as the story progresses.



While his design is still in beta form, it is known that he is slender and tall in build, with short-cut hair, his cutie mark being a grey cloud. He has a light grey-blue coat, deep blue mane, and forest green eyes.


Nimbus could easily be described as a 'knight in insectoid armour'; he is noble in heart and cannot withstand the mistreatment of others (similar, but different to how Littlepip thinks). Having lived in what could be considered the 'utopia' of the Enclave he is ignorant and therefore easily disturbed by the horrors of the Wasteland. He is severely claustrophobic. He is also bisexual, and shows interest in both mares and stallions at different points.


Nimbus is trained in the use of power armour and energy weapons, had a good knowledge of stealth tactics, and can easily maintain weaponry.


When he descends from Feathertip, he managed to loot a set of experimental Scout power armour (which is much lighter but less protective than the regular kit), a magic plasma rifle and enough ammo for seven clips, magic plasma pistol and seven clips of ammo, food and water..

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Quote from Stormbadger, the author:
"Nimbus, I think, is a good, balanced character. He's vaguely similar to me but significantly different. This was done deliberately, to make Purity much more interesting to write. After all, I've never written about a bisexual ex-Enclave claustrophobic pegasus stallion pony before!"

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